My Childhood In Scotland: Personal Experience

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I have grown up in Scotland, in a city named Inverness my whole life. I grew up in Inverness so it has been the only place that I’ve known to be a personal area for me. I have come from a very close family, including the extended family, and have always grown up with people around me. Since I was younger Inverness has developed hugely, but thinking back years ago it’s a struggle to remember what it was like. As the years pass and people grow up the manufacturing of buildings develop. Growing up in a smaller city compared to larger places you start to get to know lots of people and often pass them on my outings. However, nowadays most places I visit are always full of tourists. They often come to Inverness to see the scenery of the Scottish Highlands. The biggest tourist attraction is Nessie the Loch Ness monster. Living in Inverness I never realized how popular a story could become, or a so-called fantasy. So do tourists find the Scotland they are expecting?

A story that gets told by thousands of people about the monster who lives in loch ness also known as ‘Nessie’ was never a tale I knew a lot about. I didn’t know how popular a story could become in what was a small place compared to the better-known global tourist destination. On family outings to Urquhart Castle or often further out, you could spend ages watch the water to see if we would see a sighting of this monster that is said to be real. It is a holiday destination that many people dream to come and visit although it’s just another part of where I’m from. Although very few people see this giant monster it is an amazing place for photographs. Seeing the dark loch with the reflections of the hills is uniquely Scottish.

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The real truth about living in Scotland is that our lives are just like everywhere else. Apart from hot weather abroad, Scotland isn’t different. Most stereotypes about how Scottish people live their lives are mostly all made up. Many people believe we freely wear with our family tartan of kilts, eat haggis once a week, we all hunt for Nessie and a lot of us speak Gaelic. Truthfully not everyone likes this traditional food of haggis but as a tradition on Burns night to eat this dish most people enjoy their meal or an alternative made with other mixed ingredients. When walking on the streets of Scotland you may come across a few people in kilts, but they are mostly worn on special occasions or as a uniform in a Scottish band. So Scottish stereotypes can be seen, but they are not the norm.

I have grown up with my older sister and as like many other siblings we don’t always get along. When we were younger I would always be a model who got cheap magazine makeup plastered all over my face but at this time I loved it. I always looked up to celebrities and loved dressing up by wearing massive hoop earrings, by putting bracelets round my ears. I would love wearing plastic heels that would annoy everyone, you will never forget the sound when I walked about the kitchen floors or stealing my mum’s shoes from her wardrobe. One activity that has always been brought up in conversations throughout the years is how we would use the stairs as a slide. We always have a spare mattress or box that would be used as a slide. Thinking back to memories like there always reminds me of some of the funniest and best times.

One of my favourite parts about living in Inverness is the seasons. Having family that live abroad in Cyprus they never understand why you would want to face the cold in the winter, and a bit of sunshine. Something I have always liked is the change in seasons. Although going on holiday to a place warm brings happiness to all it feels more like a holiday once coming back into the cold. Having dark cosy nights throughout the winter, watching a Christmas film and a hot chocolate with a mountain of marshmallows and cream brings a lot of joy. Going into the start of the year watching the trees blossom and the surroundings come back to life. As you watch the environment and nature change as people grow up throughout the years. Around about the summer months can often be ‘warm’ outside (average of 18 degrees) but living in Scotland we always have the delight of rain. However, getting suited and booted with wellie boots and rain jackets on to jump in the puddles was always a favourite in my younger years. Often when it got colder and the snow lay on the ground, was when kids from my street would come together to build a snowman that would end up with a snowball fight. It always ended in tears!

For the years which I have a clear memory of there has always been some sort of animal in the house. From cats to dogs, hamsters and fish, there was always great entertainment and something to keep me occupied when I didn’t know what to do.

Still growing up it’s not changed. Having a dog in the family is always a great excuse to go on amazing adventures to places where you wouldn’t normally visit. This includes beach, forest and mountain walks. Although there have been many heartbreaks throughout the years due to animals reaching their end. During these times are very hard just like any other, and growing up with animals since I was young is always difficult. It never stops me forgetting the good memories of them.

Living in Inverness has always been amazing and it is a place which holds great memories. I have made many great friends throughout primary and secondary school. It’s a place that can often get boring doing the same activities over and over again, but that can inspire you to start new hobbies. It’s been a unique place to grow up and has made me the person I am today.


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