My Destiny Was Chosen Before My Birth

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Through my early years as a kid, I knew that my future would be heavily impacted by my parents. One day my Mom asked me what I wanted to do when I got older. I responded with professional soccer player, and she began smiling and telling me how proud she was, but I knew she was not on board. Even Though being a professional athlete was my dream I quickly came to realize how good the professional players actually were and soon gave into reality. College was introduced to me at a young age, so it took over my life. I did everything that my parents told me to. I never strayed from their guidance. My Mom told me They would never lead me down the wrong path so I trusted them without question. My parents planned my schooling, religious involvement and all extra activities I did weekly. This kept me very busy and active which is what my parents imagined my journey would consist of. To this day my parents help me plan out my week, and help with any problems I have.

Sophocles, the author of the play “Oedipus The King ”, believes that predestination is better than freewill, I agree because predestination is safe while freewill can have many catastrophes happen as shown in the play. In this old epic play Sophocles shows his belief in predestination by making the frewilled character, Oedipus, have a horrible life. This fictional character Oedipus is an appraised general who is also a prince that wants to put his future into his own hands.

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Family is the most influential group of people in a young life. Growing up through the years family will have an effect on everyone’s destiny. When comparing freewill to predestination family is a huge factor. In the play Oedipus The King, Oedipus learns of his future and wants to change it, so he leaves from the great life he had planned out for him to change his future. This threw Oedipus down a spiral of events that slowly built up to show how living life in freewill can turn against the beholder. Nearing the end of his journey, Oedipus exclaims, ‘What good were eyes to me? Nothing I could see could bring me joy.’ (Sophocles) Frewill can corrupt even the purest of limbs. The Chorus from Oedipus The King proclaims,“Your life, your destiny, miserable oedipus, I call no man happy.” (Sophocles) For Oedipus his future was everything, but sadly he left the warm grasp of his own kingdom to freely decide his own life. Oedipus illustrates,’Oh no, what can I say to him? How can I ever hope to win his trust? I wronged him so, just now, in every way. You must see that-I was so wrong, so wrong.’ (Sophocles) Oedipus’s journey guided by freewill ended in banishment, blindness and isolation. This quote gives us a close feeling to becoming stopped on our long journeys. Free Will leads to harmful futures as seen in Sophocles’s Imagination through Oedipus and his failure of a different life. Family along with religion can help the youth see the success in predestination.

Religion is one area of discussion that is very precious and dear to people. In some areas of the world religion is more important than family. Religion is a massive building block in predestination. Religion can provide a multitude of services for someone on their journey. Pope Francis declares “God never tires of forgiving us, we are the ones who tire seeking his mercy.” (Pope Francis) Pope Francis helps people understand that God will forever accept new disciples, and bring them closer to their destination if they choose. Jesus Chrust advocates, ”I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” (Jesus Christ) In the life of a free willed child, they tend to become isolated from others not gaining knowledge or advantages. People under the guidance of the Church have an extended family that can help improve their journey always advancing towards the determined destiny. Even though we have such holy figures and great examples people still steer away from this guidance at a young age. Most peoples’ education limits their time for religion or family.

Free will is the lone wolf, the island in the sea, the needle in the haystack. Free will can limit the way a person grows. People who choose to live in free will decide their future from an immature mind. This affects younger groups of students when people give them false hope and bad advice. Education is so important to a child that if someone were to temper with their journey kids could become solely free willed. Family, religion and jobs keep people from journeying too far down the path of an isolated life. People who do not have the support from their family, religion or relations should find friends and build off each other’s knowledge rather than deciding their own education always keeping watch on the dark path of free will.

Throughout history most jobs decide the life a person lives.. No matter the job everyone has had to work around the clock whether anyone enjoys it or not. Everyone in the world is going to partake in a job. Jobs can be predestined by previous education or family learned skills. Jobs chosen by people who were predestined to their end destination have a tighter grasp on what they specialize in. Free willed workers are harder to hire because of prior confusion to what their destiny is or they have not received sufficient knowledge of the specific field of work.

In the future the steady path of the predestined will either attend college or go into a special field of work knowing exactly what they want out of life. Free willed adventurers will end up unsatisfied with their try at single handling life. It is important to always think ahead to the future to keep all goals in sight.


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