My Dream Job: Louis Vuitton

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I think everyone dreams of working for a successful company at some point in their life. I chose Louis Vuitton as my dream job because I feel like they’ve created a name for themselves and have been very eminent in doing so. The company’s origins and ideas have led them to where they are now, and I can see myself working for a company like this.

Louis Vuitton was found in 1854 in Paris, France by a man named Louis Vuitton. His career started off as being a box maker and packer. It led to him creating suitcases of the highest class, that were meant to be used for explorations to other countries, like Africa. Eventually, Louis Vuitton’s ideas grew in popularity, to the point where he was asked by royalty to be their personal box-maker and packer. The brand itself had its humbled beginning and flourished to one of the biggest luxury brands that we have in today’s society. Even though it took some time, I feel like this company portrayed the idea of patience to expand and experience growth. The reason as to why I find this company so attractive is because they’re always coming up with innovative ideas, care about the quality of their products and image, and is “one of the most profitable brands in the world”, according to

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I think I would be a good fit for this company because I am capable of coming up with new ideas that could contribute to the growth. As an economics and finance major I’ve developed good analytical and communication skills. I could implement quantitative methods into forecasts that can guide Louis Vuitton to become more profitable in certain communities. Also, when it comes to working with others, I’m the type of person that takes charge and would be able to control this business when there is a need to make a financial decision. I’ve been a part-time employee at Sephora for the past two years and have had the chance to gain an insight on their sales strategy. Having this opportunity shows how loyal I’ve been to the company itself.

Working at the Corporate level of Louis Vuitton would be a dream come true, however I know it would be a difficult process to obtain that position. On their website they state that they have a very unique process for specific applicants. Like any other job position that someone is applying for, they would need to provide a resume. The interview process consists of face-to-face interviews with their human resource department and recruitment team, as well as the future boss. They want to get to know the applicant’s expectation, skills and aspirations. The interview team is also interested in how well the candidate is familiar with Louis Vuitton and would like to compare opinions with them. Even though they are said to be challenging companies to get into, I believe it is possible to acquire a corporate position with my experience, skills and knowledge. 


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