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This semester was my second semester at United Arab Emirates University. I have registered for different courses, one of these courses Is Information Literacy with Dr.Basheir AL-Rei .It was a very interesting experience, Dr.Basheir helped us a lot to learn this course and I learned many skills easily. I learned a lot of skills that will help me during my university. In this essay, I will write about my experience with the course GEIL101 and I will discuss what different skills I learned.

The course is a combination of Information literacy components and presentation skills. The Student in this course will be able to acquire necessary information literacy, and 21- century skills such as communication, collaboration, creativity, organization, problem-solving, analysis, evaluation, and technology. The Student will use this course for critical thinking and other lifelong learning skills. these skills will be important for them in both general education and college major courses.

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There are a lot of skills that I learned during this course such as working together as a team, how to think critically, deeply and in different ways by having a different perspective. Also, I learned how to retrieve a book from the library, communicate research findings effectively. I learned many skills from this course, such as presentation skills, problem-solving, avoiding plagiarism, writing challenge questions, commutation skills, analysis information, evaluate information, organization, collaboration and a lot of skills that will help me in my major and life.

I learned new skills and concepts that I did not know in this course. For example, how to search for a book, article, and journal online from the UAEU library website. In addition, Ito presenting confidently. Moreover, I also learned how to search in Google scholar for only helpful articles Furthermore, according to what I gained in this course is the Big6 model steps of the research process, which are: they Research question, search, locate and access, Analyze, Evaluate, Use and communicate. Also, I learned the difference between correct and wrong information.

About the suggestions to improve this course, I suggest making the class more active, in having variety the way of presenting and using different technology. Also, adding some games to the groups to make the class fun it is also to improve the cooperation between the student. I suggest making the different ideas in the project available so that all students express their own themselves.

The surprise was the project, the first thing we learned about the project was the Big6 model, those models explain the steps of the project. The first step(C1)chose a theme and topic to make a research question just before that we wrote down the keywords to help us write the question. The second step(C2) which consists of two-part: the first one is we use the keyword from c1 to do diagram then the second one is we start to search in books, website, magazine, newspaper (primary source) to answer the question. In the Third step(C3) we start to choose the best source and we did like a simple summary of the source in order to evaluate the quality of information. Finally(C4) we answering the research question. We chose (Robots and Smart devices in the Education Sector in UAE). as a theme, and our topic about the impact of using robots in the education sector in the UAE

There are a lot of obstacles that I faced during the research project, one of them was to choose a topic, and my team have a different idea, it was so difficult to choose a topic which all groups agree with this topic, and at the same time, we want topic easy and creative. The other obstacles were creating a research question for the topic, and we don’t have enough time to sit with my team and start working because every member in the group has a different schedule and different brakes and this cause extra working in the home.

At the beginning of the course, I started to learn about GEIL101, the first thing I learned about this course was the syllabus about the marks and definition of information literacy, data, information, knowledge, research.

The best part I liked in this course, is all quizzes and midterm and the final is open book, and in the individual presentation when we have a chance to do better, and in the project is my group was very fun, and in the class is Dr Basheir

In conclusion, I really enjoyed taking this course, and I come out with huge benefits that I never thought of before. Now, I became more confident, I learned a lot of things. I will never forget this course.


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