My Reasons For Choosing To Do An MBA Degree

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I grew up getting fascinated by the technical aspects of any field of the job but alongside my curiosity about how the humongous organisations of the world worked and who manages them, also developed. Coming from a teaching background my questions rarely got answered to my satisfaction. My technical acumen drew me towards pursuing a bachelor of technology which made me technically sound and developed an analytical approach towards problem-solving. While I was pursuing graduation, I got the opportunity to coordinate in SAE and cultural club at the college level and also participate in various events. This gave me a minor glimpse of the practicality of managerial work. My interest grew by leaps and bounds when I got the opportunity to interact with the Gas Authority of India’s chairman, speaker and CEO’s of various NGO’S at the felicitation program of my coaching. By the time I was in the final year of my graduation, I was looking forward to a career in which I hold a post of decision making that has positive implications for my organization. Working with a huge organization like Tata Consultancy Services, I got an insight into various IT processes, various tenets of managing an organization and employee-employee relationship. Being a part of Toastmasters club helped me become improve my people and leadership skills.

Holding several positions of responsibility at work made me realise my strength and weaknesses likewise in this field. I discerned that technical strength was not sufficient to execute proper decision making and one has to be vigilant of all the aspects of any scenario. I needed to gain a holistic approach to problem-solving and decision making.

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I believe an MBA would bridge this gap by helping me understand the functional aspects of management and be a more efficient decision-maker in my organisation. I reckon that a general management program would assist me in getting the required exposure to different types of industries that would ultimately help me understand my area of interest in the specialisation. Post-MBA, I envision myself joining an FMCG firm like Unilever, Proctor and Gamble with a role of supply chain manager as it would be a perfect amalgamation of application of management skills with those of engineering. I wish to work my way up to hold a post of importance to contribute to my organisation. At a later stage, I want to open a non-profit organisation, aiming at mentoring lower-income children and provide them with the right career choices.

An MBA from DeGroote is a perfect fit for me as it provides an educational experience with global exposure with students from diverse fields and ethnicity. The co-op program would help bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application through the real-world experience before graduating itself. This would definitely be a head start to my career in management and exponentially improve my learning curve. Apart from a highly ranked business school its mission, vision and values conform to any aspiring professional who wants to make a mark in the world and push their boundaries. The strong focus on leadership, innovation and case study based curriculum serves as a catalyst for successful industry leaders. Therefore, I believe the Degroote School of business would provide the right environment to enhance my knowledge and have experiential learning with practical application to succeed in the corporate world.


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