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Newspaper articles is a type of literary nonfiction that can gives a factual information to the people. Inside of the newspaper articles is you can read the newest issue in the country. There is also a news about the showbiz industry and people who wants to work and finding a job they can also see it in the business ads of newspaper. Newspaper articles can be read by everyone because it is easy to read. People who don’t know of how to read and understand an English newspaper, they have an option because there is a Filipino and Bisaya newspapers. Newspaper articles is very important to everyone especially to all students because sometimes they can find information in newspaper about their research. In home, adults get relaxed by reading a newspaper because its reduces their stress and they also entertain to play games in newspaper like puzzle word.

It is very useful especially to students that wants to become a journalist. Because they can study of how to write a newspaper and when they write it should be true and facts because if the writer writes his opinion in the newspaper he will get prison in jail because he provides a wrong information to his readers. As a part of campus journalism in my high school days my coach said to me that the title of newspaper should be at least in five to seven words and must have a great and catchy introduction so that the readers are willing to read until the end. But have you question yourself that the information in the newspaper articles are all facts? Yes, sometimes I question it to myself because I heard to my coach that some information in the newspaper was paid. So, I’ve doubt sometimes that is real or not. But it’s also depends on the people whether they find it real or not.

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In the saying that ‘The real news is bad news’ by Marshall McLuhan. Sometimes we don’t want to hear or know what’s the real because we are afraid to faced that the truth will slap each one of us that the truth is we people are the one who creates our own issue and that’s what the message if a newspaper articles. When I saw that the newspaper articles is a ‘Depressing stories without realizing’ by psychologist Tom Stafford he said that ‘the media concentrate on the bad things in life, rather than good?’. In my own opinion about of what Mr. Stafford said that maybe the newspaper articles wants to tell an important information to everyone in order for their own safety so that they are aware and know how to do and what they do to their own country about the bad issues inside the country. But maybe people gets panic and afraid of what they read in news I think that’s what Mr. Stafford wanted to say. But you know newspaper is good because it can gives to everyone a facts and valuable information so that people are know what’s happening in their country. Newspaper articles have a similar to magazine articles because they are the same that published by a printed copy and also these two are divided into sheets they are also for entertainment to everyone. But unlike the newspaper articles it’s for facts and reliable information while the magazine articles they have a products inside in the magazine to entertain and encouraged people to buy with them. But these two are very significance because it’s used to communicate people using a reliable text and pictures. Newspaper articles is also better than the news of social media because sometimes we don’t know if that information is true or not. Nowadays we can’t trust easily to social media because we can heard also to the people we close that they got scam . One example of these are jobs we can saw that there have many links in social media that easily find a job and then people might get interested about that page because they saw that the page has a good feedback so they want to try that job and invest their money and they don’t know that is scam information. Unlike in the newspaper articles the writer should consider to write a legit job and business in the advertisement in the newspaper. Because today if you easily trust the news in social media you will regret and the people who scam their clients will do it again. People will trust the services of newspaper article because it gives them a valuable information and especially of what that articles write was also their experience.

For me, if I read a news I feel what is written because it’s based on the real situation. My mind keeps thinking what I can do in the country that I want to help people. If I read in the news that the victim was killed I feel that it was my own experience because I’m sad when there’s many people died everyday. Newspaper articles givesa bad and good news to everyone so that they will aware and knows how to stand themself about the issue in the country. I choose newspaper articles which is type of literary fiction that’s give only a real information and it’s only a description about what’s happening to the people and their country. Also why because I love reading a newspaper articles because it’s my dream to become a journalism I want to give to the all people that I am their voice by the used of text and caption in the newspaper I want to give them only a facts information. Newspaper articles can be our music sometimes because we want to read and know about the current issues. It can gives us knowledge by our research assignments and projects. We can used also the topic of newspaper article if having a debate in schools. Newspaper articles is very significance because our life and our own country was based on the text in newspaper that gives a hope to every individual. Newspaper articles is just like your family whom do you trust and gives their true and real love for you.


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