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Teamwork is the cooperation and collaboration of individuals or groups who provide their strengths in the aim of achieving desired outcomes. My teamwork experience in the BBA102 tutorials has resulted in me gaining significant knowledge and skills which will benefit me in my current and future career.

Initially I lacked enthusiasm to work in a team due to previous weaknesses including my unimaginative thought process but also it was prompted by my assumption that I would be treated unequally by others as I entered the team at a later stage. I had doubts about being equally included in group discussions and having team members show interest in my ideas as the existing members has already established an acquaintanceship weeks before I entered the team. Therefore this ignited a sense of competition with other team members in order to prove my skills and deem myself an asset and in turn i failed to build a trust in my new team.

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As I worked with my team through tutorial activities and presentations I realised my previous assumptions of how others would of treated me were inaccurate. As I reflect on my equal inclusion in team discussion as well as equal participation from all members when working through activities and presentations, it has allowed me to establish an open mind about working in a team and has made me feel included.

My new enthusiasm to work as part of a team will assist me in my future career, providing me with better outcomes in the workforce as I now have a better mindset of working with others. Originally I felt that my weaknesses reflected a lack of understanding within the topic, making me feel inferior to my team and therefore reluctant to show my weaknesses. However, after being exposed to how others participated by openly discussing their weaknesses and ideas in order for them to be altered, improved and changed has changed by view on teamwork immensely. I was first apprehensive to discuss what I believed to be weak ideas with my team members who were almost strangers but after realising that I was able to present my ideas and in turn learn from the input of others, it made me grow more confident to focus on my weaknesses. Although my inclination to attend to my weaknesses is not absolute it’s strong enough to make me want to face my weaknesses and aim to improve them by welcoming input from others. This will allow me to ask/accept help from others without hesitation in my current and future career/s, which will then lead to a higher efficiency of work.

Being aware of the different strengths and weaknesses of different team members allowed better separation of tasks, therefore higher productivity. This helped me understand that being honest with team members is a requirement of productive teamwork and of benefit to all involved in the team. The resulting inclination I have to be more open and upfront to team members will provide for more efficient teamwork in my career and in turn, better outcomes.

Engaging in these teamwork activities has allowed me to overcome doubts and insecurities about working with others. In addition, the higher efficiency associated with collaboration was displayed to me. The understanding I have gained will provide me with an increased confidence and inclination to undertake teamwork in my future career, allowing me to attain the benefits of teamwork in it.   


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