Essays on Myself

Analytical Essay on Values: Literature Review

Values are described as desirable behaviors and the fundamental characteristics essential to an organization (Bateman, Snell, & Konopaske, 2020, pg. 62). In the article “Hierarchical Classification of Values”, the author indicated that values are important for the design, advancement, and continuous survival of human beings (Ergen, 2015). Values are also acknowledged as aiding individuals in...
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Reflection on My Plans for Future: Opinion Essay

My future depends on the world based on knowledge and is changing rapidly. My collective understanding of myself and my industry is the key to my future. As time goes by, it becomes even more apparent that knowledge engenders knowledge, and new skills drive careers forward. My skills, knowledge, and capabilities either help me advance...
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Analysis of Basic Attributes and Personality Traits Required by Digital Marketing Profession

Introduction Digital technology has “shaken marketing at its core” with almost all of current marketing subsumed into some form of digital marketing across most businesses and industries (Wind & Mahajan, 2001). Digital marketing can be defined as the process of applying digital technologies to achieve marketing objectives. In order to stay competitive, companies need to...
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Concept of Self-reliance with a View of Refugee Protection and Wellbeing

Introduction The proverb “…. teach a man a fish and he will be fed for a lifetime” is one that is popularly used in refugee aid projects to encourage self-reliance and reduce dependence on the external body for livelihood sources especially over a protracted period. In this context, a refugee is defined as “someone unable...
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Essay About Myself: Analysis of My Person’s Self-concept

Humans’ are very superior creatures in the universe. The world has millions of humans who are like me and this tends to make me feel small. However, everyone is unique in their way. I am an eighteen-year-old short and slender African American female. I am six feet tall with a dark complexion and light brown...
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Analogies As a Way to Provide Justification: Analytical Essay

Knowledge is information that we gain everyday, which can be from facts, opinions or through social interactions with one another. There are many ways through which we gain knowledge, but we often try to seek ways through which we can make it easier. One of the things that we use to do this are analogies....
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University Students’ Perception, Attitude, and Evaluation of Using Translation in Academic Writing Experiences

1. Introduction The globalization of the world led people to realize the significance of language and communication. Machine translation has rapidly developed along with the development of science and technology. Moreover, the spread of the Internet contributed to the popularization of Web-based machine translation. However, the machine translation was not reliable because of its poor...
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Improving Self-awareness: a Road to Self-discovery

Section 1 1. Self-concept Moods and feelings Cheerful and Happy, I am always elating in most of situations and never get dispersed easily. This environment makes me joyful and, honestly, life is enjoyable only in these environments. I thank the God who gives me these states of emotions because not everyone has the feelings of...
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Reputation, Status, Ma’at, and Free Will: Critical Analysis

“A man is stable if he applies the Rule correctly, (and) follows his path according to the right way. (Thus) he will count (without avidity) his goods, (whereas) the one with the greedy heart will have no tomb.” – Ptah Hotep. Do our lives belong to us? Is our character what we make it? Are...
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