Mysteries Of The Life Of Shakespeare

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The life of Shakespeare is much a mystery apart from his work. Little to none is known about his life away from his writing.

Firstly we will take a look at birth, early life and education. By understanding the different aspects of Shakespeare’s early life you will be able to see how it made him become the man we remember him as 400 years later. Shakespeare was born April 23rd 1564 to John and Mary Shakespeare. His father was a very intelligent businessman and his mother came from a wealthy family. In his early life Shakespeare had 3 brothers and 2 sisters but sadly one of his sisters died at the young age of 7. Another interesting fact about Shakespeare’s early life is that his father became the Mayor when William was just five years of age. Shakespeare was well educated as he attended Stratford Grammar School. As a student he learned to write and focus on old Latin plays, It is believed that he dropped out at 15 years of age. This information is important to understand because it teaches us how he became who he is 400 years later.

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Secondly, we will take a glance at adulthood, marriage and family. By reading about the aspects of this we will see how Shakespeare was influenced by the lifestyle choices that he made. A little while after Shakespeare left school, He turned 18 and he married Anne Hathaway. This meant they had an 8 year age gap. Hathaway grew up in a different village but spent the rest of her life in Stratford. Shortly after, Shakespeare and Hathaway had twins named Judith and Hamnet. The pair lived with Hathaway in Stratford while Shakespeare was busy with business as he worked in London at the time. As a playwright during those times, he had no choice but to work in London. This is important to understand because of where he lived and how he got inspired to become who we remember him as.

We will now look at final years, death and legacy of William Shakespeare. By understanding this information you will be able to comprehend why little is known about the great playwright. In the final years of his life Shakespeare used his money to buy lots of real estate and he owned a large amount of homes in Stratford area. He owned the largest house in the Stratford area at one point which was a great demonstration of how wealthy he was during those times. Shakespeare died on what was believed to be the day of his 52nd birthday. Another interesting fact is nobody knows the real reason for his death but one week prior to his death, his brother in law died. This led researchers to believe the cause of death was infectious disease. He left behind a legacy in his writing that we still come back to almost five centuries later and many more to come. This information is important to understand because it shows just how successful he was during those times to become so wealthy.

Lastly, we will look at his work. This is important to understand because it shows how hard he had to work to get a start in London theatre. For over twenty years Shakespeare worked in London theatre. He had numerous roles during his time. He was a business partner in a huge acting company called the Lord Chamberlain’s Men which was later changed to King’s men in 1603. Shakespeare went from not even having his name listed in his plays to becoming the reason people wanted to see the plays. His name was a weapon used to draw in viewers from all around the world. Although he rose to fame he remained humble and stayed true to his values and some say that is why he was able to be so successful. This is very important to understand because it shows that Shakespeare was once a nobody but with determination he was able to do what he loved and make money.

In conclusion, Shakespeare’s life is very interesting and mysterious. It is very important for students to learn about his work because he was so ahead of his time and he was one of the pioneers of writing. He led the way for others by inspiring them to be like them. That is why he will live forever through his writing. 


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