Essays on Nationalism

The Primary Sources Of Nationalism

After Italy’s failure of effective control over its colonies because of military defeat during WW2, Italian decolonisation is generally characterised as precocious. Both anti-fascism and the decolonisation movement are interlinked through the role of nationalism, as they both focus on the victimisation of the oppressed and how they are civilised through their struggles. One may...
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Nationalism And Covid-19 Pandemic

Introduction COVID-19 is an infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. A pandemic is a disease outbreak that spreads across the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 to be a pandemic when it became clear that the illness was severe and that it was spreading quickly over a wide area. Amid...
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Case Study: Italian Nationalism

Italy was a divided country by the beginning of the 1800s. Many areas of Italy had been dominated over time such as Austria, Spain and France. Austria had control over areas such as Tuscany, Lombardy and the Bourbon family had rule of Modena, Parma and Naples. Part of the North of Italy was ruled by...
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White Nationalism In The USA

White Nationalism White nationalism is a problem today in the United States. Every day, we see something horrific on the internet involving some type of violent notion or unfair treatment of a person of color. This problem keeps many wondering just how much longer can we withstand this sick fantasy, and when the time will...
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The History Of Nationalism And Independence In Nigeria

Nationalism and Independence of Nigeria The history of nationalism and independence in Nigeria and most post-colonial African countries have been more of adverse reports and objections concerning civil conflict ensuing from hardships in inter-ethnic relationships than of the development in the spirit of unity, characterized by the African nationalist struggles. With all the cultural groups...
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Nationalism As Latin America’s Predominant Ideology

Nationalism was Latin America’s predominant ideology as a result of social changes and fundamental economics. There were some influential mankind that helped for the worst or best throughout that era. Most countries of the area were divided into separate groups creating hierarchies. Latin America has been ruled by the army who use their armies to...
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Zionism: A Nationalist Movement Started By Jews

Zionism is a nationalist movement started by Jews with an aim to restore their right of living in a land recommended to their ancestors. Zionist nationalist movement resembled with numerous other European nationalist movements yet it sought to give Jews from throughout the world a territory to live. The idea of Zionist nationalism appeared back...
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Purpose And Importance Of Nationalism

Introduction Nationalism is a political, social, and financial belief system and development described by the advancement of the interests of a specific country, particularly with the point of picking up and keeping up the country’s power over its country. Nationalism holds that every country ought to administer itself, free from outside obstruction (self-assurance), that a...
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Patriotism Versus Nationalism: Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism

Indian Political Thought Assignment Question Why did Tagore criticized nationalism? And in the context of Tagore’s Critique of Nationalism would there be any difference in Patriotism and Nationalism. Answer: The multifaceted genius of Tagore ended the last day of the 19th century by writing down the poem The Sunset of the Century – The notion...
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