Essays on Natural Disasters

Storm: Hurricane Florence And Its Impact On The Carolinas

Introduction Hurricanes are known for their potentially destructive nature, and with that comes an economic impact that can halt the productivity of most coastal cities . The east coast of the United States is especially prone to major hurricanes, which is made evident ever year a storm affects the region. According to the official information...
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Tornado: Use Of The Fujita Scale

Abstract: When assessing any natural disaster, it is very common for scientists to develop uniform processes for identifying, classifying and studying these events. This uniformity in assessing a disaster is both beneficial and necessary so that as the history of these events are studied, we are able to more accurately evaluate past events and compare...
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Lessons Learned From Hurricane Sandy

1. Review the key phases of disaster recovery as outlined in chapter 10 of the textbook. Disaster Recovery is an important process in Information Security, when it occurs, we need system to get back on track as quickly as possible. There are five phases of disaster recovery as outlined in chapter 10 by authors (Whitman,...

The Winter Season In Australia: La Nina And El Nino

Australia is known to be the 6th largest country in the world, with an area of 2,969,907 sq. miles. Also, it is considered as having the largest island in the world and sometimes called an “island continent”. Some neighboring countries of Australia include East Timor, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands. The country...

Socio-economic Implications of Drought in the Caribbean

Introduction Broad Topic: Drought Narrowed Topic: The economic cost/value of drought on the agricultural sector. Research Question: What are the socio-economic implications of drought on Jamaica’s Agricultural sector? Over 2.5 billion people worldwide are dependent on agriculture. Why is agriculture important in Jamaica? Agriculture provides employment, it helps to reduce the country’s trade deficit, increases...
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