Essays on Natural Selection

Natural Selection: Variation, Adaptation And Speciation

In 1859 Charles Darwin discovered the theory known today as Natural Selection. His discovery explained how overtime species have had to change and adapt in order to better suit their living environments and stay alive whilst having a high reproduction rate. In some cases, the adaptation of species has been known to create new living...
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Natural Selection: The Evolution Of Sharks

Natural selection is the process in which the organisms in a population that are better suited and adapted to their environment increase in numbers compared to species that have gotten less adapted to their environment over several generations. However, natural selection does come with a consequence, which is that through time, species typically develop characteristics...
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The Influence Of Natural Selection

Prior to taking this class and upon hearing the name Charles Darwin, I recall having little personal knowledge of the great naturalist. If asked about, a response would have been a one-word answer such as evolution. There may have been further enunciations about the ongoing debate between his theories vs. the religious views found in...
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