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According to an article from Gizmodo, entitled “A Common Preservative in Cheese and Bread Could Negatively Affect Our Metabolism,” certain types of preservative found in our everyday lifestyle food can have a negative effect on our metabolism. In the recent years, researchers have been mindfully cautioning about the damages that specific nourishment added substances may hack in individuals. A gathering of researchers tested this out on the two mice and individuals and the outcome was stunning. They reached the resolution that eating propionate could adversely influence our digestion, including raising protection from insulin.

Materials from chapter 6, gave me a better understanding of how metabolism works and how important it is for us to be aware of what we put into our body that will affect our metabolism. Metabolism’s role in our body is to convert the fuel in the food we eat into the energy that is needed to power everything we do. “Humans obtain energy from three classes of fuel molecules; carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins” (Nutrient Utilization in Humans: Metabolism Pathways, 2010). For example, when people and animals eat the plants, they take in this centrality (as sugar), close by other cell-building created mixes. By then, the body isolates the sugar with the objective that the centrality released a be passed on to, and used as fuel by, the body’s cells. Eating unhealthy food on a regular basis may contribute to health problems. Studies continue to show the negative effects of many unhealthy food products. Low carbohydrates diets have been avoided because of their high- fat nature. Carbohydrates can only be stored in limited quantities and so the body uses them for energy first. Fats from food are broken down into fatty acids. Fatty acids that are not used up right away are packaged into triglycerides and stored in fat cells. AS the carbohydrates are being used up right away the fat cells are collecting in your body. If there is a decrease in a person’s carbohydrate intake then the fat cells will be used as the source of energy for the body, resulting in a reduction of fat mass and increase in lean body mass”( Testosterone as Potential Effective Therapy in Treatment of Obesity in Men with Testosterone Deficiency, 2012).

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This article made me more aware of things that I did not know of before. I never would have thought that cheese and bread can affect our metabolism. Cheese and bread are a part of many people’s everyday eating habit. Before reading this article, I did not realize that most of our everyday lifestyle food can have a major impact on our health. I believe that in the generation that we live in right now, we can approach diet and sustenance and nourishment with a different focal point. Nowadays, we have the tools that can help us study everything on a molecular level.


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