Negative Effects Of Drinking Alcohol On Human Health

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Many people say do not risk alcohol, because a happy occasion can turn into a nightmare. People strongly believe that drinking alcohol is very dangerous to their bodies and it is a disease that affects all aspects of life, and scientists have not found a clear reason for this. There are many causes, including genetics, gender, lifestyle, societal habits, or the behaviour of the person himself, all of which lead to drinking alcohol. There are many main points that make alcohol affect an individual’s health. First, consuming large quantities of alcohol has a negative effect on the nervous system. Also, a person who drinks large amounts of alcohol will develop malignant diseases, including malignant cancer. To further justify the main point, addiction to alcohol or spirits is categorized as one of the major social pests afflicting many societies around the world.

The function of the nervous system is one of the important organs in the human body, which helps a person to communicate with his surroundings, feeling or consciousness, so drinking alcohol in large amounts affects a person’s nervous system and loses his focus. Also, a person loses his feelings about those around him. This shows, drinking alcohol has many negative effects on the nervous system in its various parts, as alcohol certainly affects the central task of the central nervous system, which is to send signals to all parts of the body, but in the case of alcohol consumption, this will disturb the system or be affected, because the body is not able to interact with the effects and messages the brain sends in the required manner and at the desired speed, and many problems and disturbances appear as a result. For instance, when a person consumes large amounts of alcohol, disorders of the cerebellum occur and are definitely responsible for maintaining the balance of the body, resulting in loss of balance, difficulty walking, tremors of the limbs, slow speech and other symptoms. It should be noted obviously that pregnant women who drink alcohol during pregnancy increase the risk of premature birth. Also, The birth of a fetus is smaller than usual, and the effect of alcohol is often on breastfeeding, as alcohol reduces the amount of breast milk. Therefore, it is advised to avoid alcohol consumption because of its impact in all areas and social, psychological, health, economic and religious fields on humans.

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It now proves that there is sufficient reliable evidence to conclusively say that drinking alcohol is a direct cause of cancer. This means that the majority of chronic diseases caused by drinking alcohol are caused by excessive consumption or prolongation of alcohol. For clarification, eating small amounts at intervals that lead to many risks, such as malignant cancerous diseases, including malignant cancer such as intestinal and esophageal cancer. It occurs due to obesity and an increase in the accumulated fat in the abdomen. The risk of developing this cancer increases by 23 per cent if the body mass index or throat cancer increases, and throat cancer occurs when the throat cells develop into genetic mutations. These mutations cause the cells to grow in an uncontrollable manner, which turns them into accumulated cells that form a tumour in the throat or malignant cancer that affects the breast and is caused by the number of breast cells that begin to proliferate abnormally. These cells divide faster than healthy cells and can begin to spread throughout the breast tissue and after all these malignant diseases there are many reasons that lead to an increase in malignant diseases and this is all in the person’s hand because he resorts to drinking alcohol, but for certain reasons, including that alcoholism is the individual’s need to escape from the problems of his daily life and absent himself from the real world, as going to bars in abundance leads to drinking in large quantities and mixing. It is clear that stopping drinking alcohol extends the life of a person and excludes malignant diseases, including cancer, so it is advised not to drink large quantities of alcohol to maintain human safety.

Alcohol addiction is a person’s intense desire to consume alcohol with great desire and great gluttony despite the health and social risks and damages that he may suffer and the cause of this addiction is always two main causes of addiction, the first: psychological pressure and social problems and the second: a love of experience and reconnaissance, especially among adolescents. To clarify, this does not depend on the state of dependence on alcohol, but rather on the impulsion of a person if this is their first act upon waking up. This indicates that people who drink large amounts always have significant social, legal and financial problems due to their consumption of alcohol. Despite all of this, people who consume alcohol do not think about getting rid of alcoholism or treating themselves from alcohol and therefore we are facing the tragedy of alcoholism. Therefore, treatment for alcoholism requires specialized medical care to deal with severe withdrawal symptoms, which may sometimes cause blindness or death and this is why the addict must think about himself before drinking alcohol to stay alive and live in peace so that he does not reach this degree of addiction.

To all of the above mentioned this essay confirms that alcohol has a harms and its drawbacks are more than its positives, and what is clear is that the dangers of drinking too much alcohol completely eliminate any positive effect that alcohol can have. Many people strongly believe that alcohol is harmful to the human body, especially for an addict who drinks large quantities of alcohol because in this way he loses his life that he lives for, so it is better to get rid of drinking alcohol, but it may be a difficult process, it may require a lot of time and effort, but with following steps Correct treatment becomes simple. The most important essential steps for successful alcohol addiction recovery steps are the patient’s desire to stop drinking alcohol and change the lifestyle to a healthy life away from alcohol and alcohol treatment steps begin by trying to reduce alcohol consumption gradually until it is finally stopped, and doctors stress the importance of continued support From those around because this thing is a lot of importance relative to the addict and in this way prevents the addict from returning to alcoholism again. Therefore, doctors do not recommend treating alcoholism at home, as alcohol withdrawal symptoms cause dangerous symptoms, which may lead to death. 


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