Negotiation Skills: Analysis Of Negotiation Situation Between My Mother And Painters

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This is an action or a discussion that involves two or more people, where a certain scenario is discussed in order to reach an agreement for both sides. Negotiations normally occur in situations where there is a conflict or difference between the parties involved. The first that is normally used is identifying the parties involved, getting to the root cause of the situation, identifying who is at fault, strategizing on some of the options that can be used and finally getting to a conclusion through an agreement on the choice that has been suggested. The focus of this assignment is to identify problems contributing to negotiation situations, getting someone with an experience of the topic for questioning, identifying some of the good or bad negotiations that were used and finally giving a recommendation on how to improve negotiation outcomes.

For this assignment the interview involved my mother who opened up and shared her experience with the topic. She narrated that she was involved in a negotiation situation with one of her painters who paint her apartments. The situation occurred because the painter painted one of the rooms with the wrong color. The main problem occurred when the client who had asked for a specific color came to rent the house and saw the color, hence out of disappointment opted for another option by declining the deal.

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The two held a meeting and the painter was questioned for using the wrong color and told of the consequences it brought. The discussion was for the painter to buy the initial suggest color and paint it again with all the cost on him. With the messages as evidence to show that the painter was at fault he had no other option but to give in and accept the consequences. However he did try to explain why he used the wrong paint, suggesting and also presenting some messages with another person who also wanted to get her room painted, therefore, ending up in the mixed up.

She stated that the negotiation was successful because during the meet up the painter listened attentively without any interruptions. In addition to this the painter was calm all the way and the emotions were in check. Therefore no rude words or angry faces were shown. Lastly, at the end of the negotiation the painter went and looked for money and came back after two days and repainted the room again as expected with the right color and the two ended up maintaining their good relationship for their business. Rojot (2016).Talks about negotiations from theory to practice.

Negotiation is like a business investor investing in a company for the first time. The profit might not turn up as expected because it requires a lot of time and patience. Therefore the best way to improve a negation is through trust in both parties. They should trust each other to keep promise that they agreed during the negotiation. The other way is knowing when it’s time to look the other way. If someone is selling a certain house and the price is not worth it, there is always an option of walking away without leading to any conflict. The main problem contributing to negotiation situations is the fact that people refuse to acknowledge mistakes even when there is full evidence and they opt to go for excuses to defend themselves.

In conclusion, negotiations will always occur no matter how big or small the situation might be. Negotiation is very important when people want to reach an agreement without conflicting and throwing words at each other. It also helps in increasing trust between the parties involved and gives people room to walk away if they feel unsatisfied.


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