Netflix: Steeple Analysis And Swot Analysis

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Netflix is an American performing company that started from 1998 by just renting DVD mails order. After, that they Started shifting from DVD mail order shipping to online streaming on 2007. In 2008 they began to stream on Xbox 360 and PS3. In 2011, Netflix began focusing strongly in its own content. it has also acquired, created, and produced several in house films and television shows .2019 Netflix victories academy awards which are greatest director, top Foreign Language Movie, and best Cinematography. In this time Netflix has digital subscription service that provides viewers to watch popular films, Television shows, and documentary films throughout the internet. It also has over Hundred million subscribers from 190 countries. The Netflix target market is around the age of Sixteen and Sixty and has a wage of $30,000 or higher. Netflix has many competitors which are amazon prime, Hulu plus, YouTube, and Redbox kiosks. The competitive advantages of Netflix are having huge users base, huge variety of movies and TV shows, and global presence. It has many weaknesses and strengths but let start with the strengths. it has no commercials, original shows, large brand name sturdy brand relations, the only company that online steam over one hundred ninety countries, and global users base. Lastly, the weaknesses which are having narrow copyrights, rising its prices, and Netflix free money flow has reduced.

Steeple analysis:

The steeple or the pestle analysis is a basic and frequently utilized method to help you evaluate the important factors that may impact the company or organizations supply and demand. the factors that they have to know about are political, economic, social, environmental, legal and technological.

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Firstly, the political factors which are accessibility restrictions and control and permissions. accessibility restrictions are that Netflix isn’t accessible in every region. Also, it is not able to deliver content from all of the countries too. there are three countries that are impacted are North Korea, Syria, and Crimea., And this is because of the Government of the united states, it has prohibited the operation of Netflix and every other American corporation in these three countries Therefore, even though Netflix needed to work in the three countries, they legally cannot. Control and permissions; The united states in the point is not the reason that Netflix is not operated in china, one of the world’s largest economies. the reason for this government of china. Instead, the responsibility rests on the Chinese government and censorship. If Netflix would like to work in China, then Netflix would still have to restrict its material strongly. Sometimes it just also limits whole episodes or films, depends entirely on what the Chinese government needs.

Secondly, the economic factor which is unstable exchange rates and monthly payments increased. Unstable exchange rates are that Netflix exists in more over 100 countries, it is inclined to fluctuating exchange rates. Weaker exchange rates could very well affect Netflix’s end result. It’s still an issue as Netflix is paying for huge money to create additional content and produce their own movies and tv shows. the rest of the online streaming sites are popping up. they take the material of Netflix and requiring Netflix to produce more original films and televisions shows. Monthly payment in increased; the monthly access subscription of Netflix increased slowly throughout the years. Netflix ensure to care about the user’s budget and offer its clients with inexpensive and high quality services

Thirdly, the social factor is that Netflix relies on the popularity of films between consumers in the target audience markets. As the average age of prospective buyers continues to grow and as filming costs between older consumers turn out to be less common and this affect the business. Netflix because it is an online streaming it attracts younger generation rather than older generation in countries. In this time people are more inclined to watch the content on their digital devices like smartphones rather than big screens.

The fourth point is technological factor and in this time everything in the internet and all the people know how to deal with the digital devices and internet. So, it was a good choice that Netflix started online streaming. The market of Netflix is facing competitions from the new competitors. They also require to regularly update the business strategy in order to maintain market share. “Netflix has successfully excelled in the 4k television market and is investing in its research and development department to support the live streaming more efficiently. Netflix is facing another challenge of the data compression of 4k streaming for which the company is going to adopt a new patented technology. This technological innovation will give a competitive edge to the Netflix. The R&D labs of Netflix are creating new software named Hermes which will work for the high quality translation service in more than 190 countries”. (adamkasi, 2017)

The fifth factor is environmental factor; the range of information facilities used by Netflix is massive and also their daily requirement is to check that they do less harm to the environment. Several environmental organizations requested Netflix to utilize clean energy to power its data centers. “The online data servers of the live steaming companies as Netflix put a heavy impact on the environment. While other tech companies are working towards reducing their carbon footprint, Netflix has also carried out a partnership with the Greenpeace. All the technological companies will be paying an environmental bill by 2025 as required by the global governments. While running about one third of the internet traffic of North America, Netflix is also accessed by various groups to use renewable energy sources for its data centers”. (adamkasi, 2017)

The last factor is legal factor; the users is the important thing to the organization. The users can impact the organization by their actions. Netflix confronted big costs in a user case bought over the organization decision which is rising subscription fees. To order to prevent viewers from viewing TV programming from other countries, the organization must comply with copyright law requirements.

SWOT analysis:

Swot analysis is a method to show what is the strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities of the company.

The strengths of Netflix are that they offer low fees, free shipping, no late payment strategy and huge selection of movies and TV shows. Netflix has huge content and huge DVD content. “Online flexible infrastructure and interface allows Netflix to preserve low operating expenditure whilst raising its subscription base. Netflix’s position in the industry will rise if movie downloads become the consumption technique of choice by subscribers. Consequently, because Netflix’s subscribers increase, will lead to a decrease in marginal operating costs and increase in profits” (Sadq, N.D).

The weaknesses of Netflix are that it is unfriendly to the community, lack of access to their own content. Unfriendly to the community; Netflix has received a lot of bad attention as it holds one of the poorest environmental responsibility scores relative to other large corporations like Amazon. Lack of access to their own content; Netflix doesn’t own its original content so as a result to this the licenses terminate after one year and their own content could be seen on competing platforms. “Dilemma: From the strategies of Netflix, it looks like they are still confused between their old DVD by mail rental service and their online streaming services. It took 10 years for them to take over Blockbuster in US and now they want to enter into new areas as well. But the problem they are facing is that they are afraid of losing their identity as The Best DVD-by-mail rental service provider if they enter into new businesses”. (Shehzad, N.D)

The opportunities of Netflix are that it has a large customer globally and it hasn’t operated with the Chinese government. There are about 500 million Chinese consumers who access content to their smartphones. Through the rise of VR and 4 K UHD information, Netflix provides innovative ways of allowing users to view their content and have potential competitive advantages and this what happened when the technology increased. “International Expansion: The ability to create original content will enhance their international growth as they have grabbed the market of North and Latin America, Canada, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark”. (Shehzad, N.D) . Although the number of foreign customers of Netflix has risen in past years, price remains a significant barrier to making its content more available. The HD and UHD options are more costly than the standard program. Which is why lower wage customers may not always be able to view HD and UHD video. Netflix will increase the amount of options that its customers have as well as the number of customers by creating the program.

And finally, the threats of Netflix are nowadays there are many online streaming sites that competes with Netflix like amazon prime, Hulu plus, and YouTube and they begin offering movies. Financial conditions are often harmful to Netflix’s income and profits. Aside from a weaker currency, economic fluctuations in main markets will affect growth and profits. The united states of America. is the largest market. Although the united states of America boast strong economic growth, the condition is not always the same all over the world. Economic losses will lead to a rise in customer spending that can increase income that technical spending. “Shipping cost: Business insider reported that Netflix spent around 600 million dollars in postage and shipping in 2011. Those charged will only go up as popularity increases” (Shehzad, N.D) .

Netflix strategy is to increase its competitive advantages, increase the number of users, and get the attention of more users to join it. Netflix hires specialization on the company sector strategy’s That shows that somehow the business is attempting to maximize their content uniqueness for a wide audience. When Netflix first became established, their aim was to give consumers an existing product in a new version. Rather of needing to spend the effort to go to a specific location and search through a range of titles, users may search through titles digitally. And instead you’ll get DVDs by mail, sometimes in only single business day.  


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