Essays on Network Security

Network Security Attacks: Reconnaissance Attacks And Ways To Prevent Them

Introduction In today’s world of technology, a massive amount of information or data is stored in cyberspace. It’s because people can access stored information in a fraction of seconds compared to the tedious process of collecting information in the late 20 century. Cybersecurity protects computer systems from hardware, software, or electronic data being theft or...
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The History Of Network Security

In the past, mainframe computers and minicomputers came with many in-built security features which were not really protective. However, since the number of authorised users were strictly restricted, that generation was not in need of strong security system as it is needed in this generation. In 1960’s, network only existed in the sense of huge...
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Types Of Network Security Devices And Source Of Network Threats

Abstract: Network Security is a fundamental elementary component in computing and networking technology. Protecting computer and network security are critical issues Network security has become more necessary to personal computer users, organizations, and the government all of these required different security mechanisms. The first and foremost thing of every network is designing, planning, building, and...
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