New York City As The Best City For Living: Opinion Essay

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New york is a large and vastly changing city amongst other cities. The city has changed in different ways, from the way it looks to how their overall system works. New York is famous for their top tourist attractions, but you need to have a good settlement to start a successful city. This essay will describe how the factors led to the choosing and making of the city.

Some factors that led to the choosing of New York’s settlement was the soil they had there. The best soils could be found mostly in the region of lime-rich glacial till since drainage there is good and the area is not too steep. Soils in the city could be grouped and one of the many groups’ names are Alluvial soils. Alluvial soils are formed from glacial meltwater and floodwater. They are great for agriculture and could be found in the bottom of the valleys near the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers.

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Another factor that led people to choose New York’s settlement is the plant and animal life there. Most of New York was covered in woodlands/forests. There are more than 150 species of trees that are found in the woodlands along with tulip trees and sweet gum, but majority of the woodlands are dominated by northern hardwoods. New York has a majority of birds including red-tailed hawks and bluejays. Smaller animals such as rodents and gray squirrels are also commonly found in New York.

The last factor I am going to describe is the drainage in New York. Susquehanna, Delaware together with Allegheny are the rivers that drain the southern and western part of the state and they also produce most of New York’s water. A hydroelectric power example is the famous tourist site, Niagara falls.

Soil plays a vital part in choosing a site. We need good soil to do farming and it is stated in the Britannica article of New York, “Where drainage is good and the terrain is not too steep, these soils are excellent for agriculture.”, therefore we need to look for good soil in a settlement and that is what the early dutch settlers found in the now New York.

Plant as well as animal life is also important because we need to domesticate animals for agriculturing. Plants help us create oxygen for us to breathe in. If we did not have plants, our atmosphere would be filled with carbon dioxide and it would have a physical impact on our climate, such as ice melting, global rainfall, evaporation, rising sea levels, etc. Animals are important as well, because animals are beneficial as they are used for food, work and companionship. Without animals, we would starve to death. Animals give us nutrients to make us healthy and strong.

Lastly, drainage is important for a settlement because without drainage, it would cause hydroplaning or also known as aquaplaning. The drainage system should allow water from underneath the ground come up to the surface. Hydroplaning affects the settlement because it leads to cars that could not be controlled by the control inputs and it could cause a car accident.

New York was mainly used during the American Evolution. It was also used for exports and imports from other countries. Some of the imports include a gift from france which is now a famous tourist site, the Statue of Liberty. I think that it is crucial for a settlement to have a good import and export system. To help grow your national economy, you need a good import and export system, it also helps us get good resources as some countries are rich in natural resources. Resources that are imported are usually in a much higher price range which helps the overall economy.

New York has changed vastly over the past few years, including its function. It is presently used for agriculture, health, and education. New York’s land area is one-third covered in farmland. These farmlands provide most of New York’s food supply along with, dairy, field crops, vegetables and fruits. New York is also well known for their production of wine.

Education and Hospitals in New York are very well prepared. A lot of major medical centres are located in New York, along with the hospitals, Mount Sinai as well as New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell. Med schools includes the New York and Columbia University. Multiple people participate in programs that provide medical care for people who can’t afford it.

In conclusion, New York has always had an organized and well prepared system. The city slowly grew as they used different tactics to create a successful city. I personally think that New York is one of the best cities to ever been found and it could possibly grow into a much bigger and advanced city in just a few years.


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