New York City Versus Manchester: Comparative Essay

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New York City and Manchester New Hampshire are two amazing cities in America and they’re both rich in history. New York City is known as a hotspot for tourists, while being an interesting city with movie spots all over. On the other hand, Manchester New Hampshire has unique shops that people come from all over the world to experience. They are also known for their red brick mills. In Addition, New York City and Manchester New Hampshire are vastly different, especially in their nightlife, restaurants, and architecture.

New York City’s nightlife is significantly different from that of Manchester New Hampshire. Most people find New York, fascinating, due to one of the many nicknames that were given by outsiders. They are known for their many Broadway theaters, cinemas, and electric billboards. These are the places that make New York a city that never sleeps. At the same time, Manchester New Hampshire’s nightlife isn’t anything at all like the city that never sleeps. It’s more of a local town vibe than a city vibe like New York. Plus, Manchester New Hampshire is known for its arts, cultural, and entertainment mecca as well as one of American’s favorite vacation destinations.

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The restaurant’s characteristics are also different between New York City and Manchester New Hampshire. In New York City the majority of restaurants are four stars and up, plus it’s really fancy. Not to mention that celebrities are always in New York City for events. Celebrities often go to restaurants that are popular with Michelin star chefs. However, Manchester New Hampshire is quite the opposite besides sharing the similarities of having four-star restaurants in the area. The restaurants in Manchester are slightly different than the ones in New York City. But they both have aesthetic looks in them to attract tourists. Furthermore, restaurants in Manchester are more modern with a bit of old fashion style. But what makes the restaurant in Manchester stand out would be how majority of the restaurants are on the ground floor, not in a high rise building like New York City.

Another major difference between New York City and Manchester New Hampshire is their Architecture. In New York City, they are known for their fancy high rise buildings. Particularly, the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Chrysler Building, and Rockefeller Plaza. All of these buildings are in the top 10 iconic skyscrapers in New York City. Plus, the electric billboards that are all over the city. Unlike New York City, Manchester New Hampshire, they have standardized buildings that are not high rise. However, they have buildings that are famous for their red brick mills. Plus, the many activities that they have going on throughout the seasons. For example, Ski resorts, Currier Museum of Arts, Science Centers, and the famous Zimmerman House. All of these places are a treasure for people in Manchester New Hampshire.

Essentially, New York City is different from Manchester New Hampshire and they are both unique in their own way. But most importantly they’re both a great place to be a vacation destination. The cities are attractive to people from all over the world showing their different features and characteristics. However, the Nightlife, Restaurants, and Architecture show how vastly different the cities are. In terms of Nightlife, Manchester New Hampshire is cheaper due to no-tax. Additionally, the cities may both be densely populated but as has been seen, NY is far much more densely populated than Manchester New Hampshire. They also have distinct restaurant characteristics that may inform one’s decision to live in either city or acquire or buy a home in either of them.


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