Essays on Nikki Giovanni

Analysis Of The Poem For Saundra By Nikki Giovanni

The poem, “For Saundra”, by Nikki Giovanni is a poem that really caught my attention because while reading it, it felt as if I can compare it to one of my own piece of writings. The poem “For Saundra” uses the literary thoughts of imagery and symbolism to see a different journey of transformation, also...
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Analyzing Kidnap Poem By Nikki Giovanni

The “Kidnap poem“ is written by an African-American poet, Nikki Giovanni. The poem itself covers the theme of seducing or “wooing some” may call it, in dating relationships. Through the robust language of the free verse poem, Ms. Giovanni twist the extended metaphor with her use of incorrect punctuation, stanzas and rhyming elements and the...
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Analysis Of Kidnap Poem By Nikki Giovanni

Would you ever want to be kidnapped by a poet? Nikki Giovanni addresses this question throughout her lyric and extended metaphor poem, which is called “kidnap poem. This poem’s message is to grasp love or to seduce an adored individual. Giovanni shares her personal passion, showing it through sound devices like alliteration and repetition to...
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