Essays on Nikola Tesla

Tesla: Man Out Of Time By Margaret Cheney: Book Review

Nicola Tesla is a popular scientist, famous inventor and modern visionary, who is known for his work on the modern-day AC current we use. He also worked on several more popular inventions which have made our lives easier today. Tesla was born in Croatia, where he learned about modern engineering along with principles of physics...
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Nikola Tesla: The Master Of Lightning

They called him ‘The Master of Lightning”. He changed the very way people look at electricity. His inventions and theories are still in use to this very day. This man had many inventions and some of them never made it off the blueprints, but the ones that did achieved wondrous feats such as replacing Edison’s...
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Nikola Tesla: The Man Who Electrified The World

Can you imagine our world enveloped in darkness and an eerie silence? no radio, television, empty factories, and no giant industries. That’s our world without Nikola Tesla in it. Nikola Tesla was born in a small village in the Austrian Empire to a priest and a housewife, he often accredited his eidetic memory and creative...
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