Nile River: Analysis Of The Good Factors In Cairo

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This article is about the good factors in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt, such as where Cairo gets water and food from, what defends Cairo from invaders and other different factors. These specific factors are the reasons why Romans and Futsats chose that area to build a settlement. Cairo has its original function which is a trading port and its current function which is the educational center of Egypt. The settlement changed over time to increase the welfare of the citizens who live there. That is why improving and changing overtime will make Cairo a better place to live in.

The first settlers of Cairo were originally Romans. They settled in the site to build a fortress then the Fatimid settled on the site which was called Fustat at the time. Because the Romans built a very strong wall, the Fatimid decided not to tear down the wall. The Romans and Fatimids settled in the site because of Cairo’s strategic location which is surrounded by the Nile River, beside that it was supported with other good factors. The good factors are having access to water, land quality, defence, aspect and shelter, natural resources, attractive areas and the functions of certain areas. All of these factors played an integral part in the rise of civilization of Cairo. It has access to water from the Nile River and food from agriculture on the banks of the Nile River. The land quality of Cairo isn’t the flattest because there are some mountains in the Uptown of Cairo called Mokattam. Cairo has a lot of defence, such as some mountains located to the east to protect Cairo from that angle, the Mediterranian Sea located to the north to protect the north by water and the desert on both sides to defend Cairo from invaders. Egypt’s climate is a semi-desert, with hot dry summers for 8 months, and moderate winters for 4 months. Cairo has plenty of natural resources such as petroleum, natural gas, phosphates, iron ore and other metals. Cairo has many interesting and fascinating locations such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx that is located near Giza, the Citadel, the museums, and the Mosques where they come to pray. Those fascinating locations were built for its own purposes at first, such as the pyramid for the pharaoh’s corpse along with other treasures. Everything in Cairo has a function, such as the Nile River for food and water, and Eastern desert and Western desert for defending.

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Cairo’s original function was the main porting place for trading. The trading could be possible because of the Nile River. This is related to the choosing of the settlement because without the Nile River, trading would almost be impossible. Cairo was also a place where the pharaohs lived in palaces in the ancient times. It is also a place where farming was held because of the fertile soil surrounding the Nile River. This is related to the choosing of their settlement because the Nile River provided food, water and a way to trade with other countries. Along with the religious practices in the temples and Mosques. Cairo was a place where the pyramids were created, which is located in Giza for their previous pharaohs. This is related to the choosing of the settlement site because the space there made it possible to build temples, mosques and pyramids. The settlement is also very close to the building materials which make transportation to the pyramid’s location faster.

The function of the settlement has changed overtime from the ancient era to an educational era. Cairo turned from a city with pharaohs and ancient buildings, such as pyramids to a city with a lot of schools and universities. Cairo is the center of education in Egypt and where industrial products in companies are created. Cairo was no longer a place with pharaohs since 69-30 BCE but is still a religious place with a lot of mosques and a functioning trading port in Egypt. Since the rule of pharaohs ended, the building of pyramids also ended. In my opinion, the function of Cairo changed over time so that the welfare of the people could increase and make it easier for the citizens to work. They also needed to change overtime to reach the world’s standard with more modern technologies.

In conclusion, Cairo has many good factors which was why the Romans and Futsats chose that settlement. The main reason they chose that specific area to build a settlement was because of the Nile River for its benefits. It also has many fascinating views that was built by men with different functions for each of them. Changing over time will influence the welfare of the people there. That is why improving and changing overtime will make Cairo a better place for civilization.


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