Essays on Non-Profit Organization

Leading And Managing Non-profit Organization

Introduction Stijn Van Puyelde, Ralf Caers, Cind Du Bois, Marc jaegers non-profit and voluntary sector 41(3), 431-451,2012 This article provides a brief knowledge about stakeholder theory on the governance and management of nonprofit organizations. A stakeholder is a person who makes a claim on an organization’s, attention, resource, or any output or those who are...
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Role And Function Of Public Relations In Non-profit Organizations

Over the past years, there has been an outburst in the number of non-profit organizations globally. This is an outcome of rapid changes in environmental, social and political factors. For instance, the impact of climate change and global warming on living organisms. According to Sargeant (1999), non-profit organizations aim towards the enhancement of society. Therefore,...
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Non-profit Organization Merges

A merger takes place when two or more companies decide to join forces to become one. For this to happen, one or more organizations have to dissolve (Chelariu,2017). Sometimes all the organizations involved are dissolving and taking on a whole new name. Sometimes an organization persists and retains its identity, while the dissolved organization(s) may...
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