Essays on Northern Ireland

Academic Selection In Northern Ireland

‘Select one key issue in schools today, such as academic selection or denominational schooling and carry out further research in addition to the online discussion, to show why these issues have been so important in Northern Ireland’ Academic selection in Northern Ireland The 11plus was introduced in the UK in 1944 when the education system...
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North Ireland: History, Culture and Traditions

North Ireland North Ireland is an autonomous national government is located on the Irish island in Europe and is a part of the United Kingdom. North Ireland is mostly known its rich and rocky history in the 20th century they are also known for their gorgeous landscape with hills, mountains, and historical buildings. I choose...

Critical Evaluation Of The Types Of Counter-Terrorist Policies Employed In Northern Ireland In The Period Of The ‘Troubles’

A critical evaluation of the types of counter-terrorism policies employed in Northern Ireland in the period of the ‘Troubles’ (1970-98). Various counter-terrorist policies were employed in Northern Ireland in the period of the ‘Troubles’ to combat activity of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and due to a split in December 1969 (McCleery, 2012, p.412), its...
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