Nurses As A Role Models For Their Patients

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Whether we like it or not, nurses are expected to be role model to all public for their lifestyle as we are the caregivers to them who are the backbone in improving patient outcomes through providing hands-on care and health education. According to Blake and Harrison (2012), is says that in addition to performing prescribed interventions and providing instruction to patients, nurses can also have a positive impact by modelling healthy behaviours for their patients.

The importance of nurses to be a role model are to ensure they are resilient, acknowledge the patient personal health and well-being that engage self-care. Being a role model in health-promoting it involves too gave example to the patient by showing ourselves a good and healthy lifestyle. So, what is a role model? It is a person that we looked up to and to be set as an example to others, a good role model must have qualities that we wanted to do better and drive us to be more inspired, motivated andencouragedt day by day to be a better educator and nurse.

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In my opinion, nurses are the best role model for promoting healthcare to patients by showing a good example and motivates the patient. Why are nurses not doctors, allied health or even their family member? This because we the nurses are the one that stays with the patient 24/7 and we are the one that knew the patient character since the day we take care of them and we are the one that will teach and set them a good example for them

What hinder nurses to become a role model for patients? According to Rush et al (2005), some have argued that nurses, as advocates for health, should view themselves, and strive towards being, role models for health promotion. Hicks et al (2008) say this argument makes nurses can’t avoid becoming a role models to the general public and as such, effective role modelling should mean ‘practising what you preach’ . Shriver and Scott Stiles (2000) says it follows the nurses that take responsibility for their own health whereas Borchardt (2000) agrees that executing healthy behaviours themselves if they are to expect their patients and their patient’s families to do the same. Nonetheless, nurses are no less exposed to the same temptations and risks of falling into unhealthy lifestyle habits, than the general public and their expectations for a nurse becoming role models are very high which could add more pressure to the nurses, (Nursing Times, 2008). To me factors that prevent nurses to be role models are lack of confidence, knowledge and skills, fear of giving wrong information and lazy to talk to the patient, being a nurse we are not a nurse who only take care of the patient but also must be knowledgeable and skilful and being a nurse it takes ‘two to tango’ to make it happen.

To be a good model one must have this criterion which is:

  1. Honesty: To be honest with others we must first be honest with ourselves, as people says honesty is the best policy.
  2. Truthful: We must truthful to our patients and their family members and never lied to them, but be truthful to ourselves first before the patient.
  3. Responsible: Be responsible in any task we are given to help the patients and family members.
  4. Kindness: Be kind to all regardless of its background, race, ethnics and cultural believes.
  5. Compassion: Show compassion even to animals, as this the key to become a nurse.
  6. Consistent: Be fair and consistent in our dealings with others. Patient will not like it if we are being not in consistent.
  7. Be a Hard Worker: Be a hardworking person, but always work smart not hard. 
  8. High Moral and Ethical Standards: Every nurses must had ethical and high moral values towards all.

To some nurses, being a role model will be hard for them but all they need is patience and be creative by creating some play cards or slides for patient to understand what message with are trying to convey to them and it takes a village to be patient with them as some might can’t hear and some might had language barrier, be productive and full of ideas to create a fun yet interesting environment for you and patient. For teaching a patient, we must also include the patient family member in order to make it knowledgeable and fun as well as create a bond or a bridge between them so that they can trust nurses and other healthcare staff.

As conclusion, having a role model will have impact on how the person adapt. A positive mind and model can be associated with a number of positive outcomes. For examples, employees that mentored their staff eventually be a good role model for their staffs and they will show better and high level of work in the company.

A good worker will tend to have a better opportunity in their working place as well as better promotion if they maintain positive manner. Furthermore, a role models themselves will land themselves a great deal of job for being helpful, providing effective instruction, and knowing that others perceive them in a positive light. 


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