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Communication Skills in Nursing Practice: Use of the Borton Method as a Reflective Structure

The assignment would discuss the use of the Borton method as a reflective structure for a critical incident review answering three questions: What? Describing the episode of the contact, So what? What’s going on? Analyze and ask whether misunderstandings have happened and what now? Re-assess expertise. What could I have done to improve this episode...

Respect in Person-centred Nursing Care: Analytical Essay

This assignment will outline the importance of the NMC (2018) code of conduct and how this is relevant to providing person-centred care in nursing practice. The main focus throughout the code will be the five-statements included in section one, prioritising people. In addition, this assignment will demonstrate how effective care is provided in nursing practice,...
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Florida Mental Health Act and the Practical Nurse

Abstract This article includes information on the Florida Mental Health Act, also known as the Baker Act. It provides insight on what the Baker Act was created for, how it is implemented, and how it affects those suffering from mental illness, those caring for mentally ill patients, and the community in which they live. The...
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Application Of Nursing Theory: Compassion Fatigue

Application of Nursing Theory Nursing theory is a science which has helped to develop and create a framework for the profession of nursing. Nursing theories are developed through concept analysis and vigorous research to help organize or improve knowledge that may be imperative to the profession of nursing. Concept Analysis is an important stage in...
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Nursing Theory Application: Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Theory of Nursing

According to Kearney-Nunnery (2016), a nursing metaparadigm is defined as the overall concern of nursing related to a nursing model. Metaparadigm must be neutral, must address information in an understandable manner, and must provide an identity for a profession that makes the profession distinct from others. Within the metaparadigm of professional nursing, the metaparadigm must...
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Nursing Care Plan For Ms. Taylor, An 85-year-old Woman

Ms. Taylor, an 85-year-old women who lives in a religious care home and used do most activities of daily living my herself was transitioned to a palliative approach after a fall. Her health history includes being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, aplastic anemia, postural hypotension, and depression. In mid-October Ms. Taylor had a fall while in the...
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