Obesity: Meaning And Main Reasons For The Appearance

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What is obesity? Basically, obesity can be identified as a condition when someone has exceed the amount of body fats needed that it might cause a bad affect on his or her health. Besides that, one can also be categorized as obese if his or her BMI has exceeded more than 30. Do you know that obesity is a global leading disease in nowadays generation? Statistics have shown that about two billion people around the world are facing the problem of overweight. That is about 30% of the world population and its percentage is still growing at a rapid speed !! This rising percentage has captured most of the attention by World Health Organisation(WHO) and some NGOs. This has become a serious problem and could cause a worldwide health crisis if this disease was ignored. However, what has causes the rising of obesity among the human population? One of the factors that have leading us towards obesity is a large amount of intake of processed or fast food. The problem is, how does the high intake of processed or fast food can eventually causing us to become obese?

First of all, the main topic we need to cover in this paragraph is about eating a large amount of processed or fast food will lead to accumulation of fat deposits. According to Andy Coghlan(2006), French fries and chicken nuggets from two main international fast-food chains consist of very huge amount of artery-clogging trans fats. In addition, the level of trans fat supplied by the chains differs adequately from country to country. For example, a lipoma is a distribution of fatty tissue that gradually develops under a human’s skin but they commonly develop on the neck, shoulders, back, abdomen, arms, and thighs. The total amount of body fat undoubtedly corresponded with the amount of subcutaneous fat and normal sex contrast in the disposal of subcutaneous fat was not discovered in obese children(Cizkova, Janda, Parizkova, Vambevoba,1961). As a result, even thought human body needs fat to survive, but it’s astute to eat this important nutrient in a moderate amount.

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Furthermore, the excessive fats deposited in someone’s body will increase their weight. According to the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, the majority of people who went to fast-food restaurants and consuming less amount of fruits and vegetables have a high risk of increasing their body weight. This is because, the excessive fats that they consume are hard to eliminate from their body due to lack of fiber intake, so the fats will be deposited in their body and causing overweight. Excessive amounts of fats will be stored in our body as a deposit, hence it will increase our body weight. Research had shown that fat contains 9 calories per gram larger than carbohydrates and protein, which both have 4 calories per gram. (Cleveland Clinic) As result, the more fats that an individual takes in, the higher amount of the excessive fats that deposit in the body, thus the weight of the individual will increase in a short period.

Besides that, the topic that can cover in this paragraph is about weight gain will increase the prevalence of obesity. According to (James O. Hill, John C. Peters, 1998, pp. 1371-1374), weight gain is caused by a large amount of food intake and will inhibit physical activity. Lack of physical activity will lead to slow metabolism of the body. As we know, metabolism can burn the body’s calories. If metabolism slows, the excess calories will be converted into fat and deposit in our body, and lead to obesity. Next, food addiction will also lead to weight gain and cause obesity. According to (J.R Ifland, H.G. Preuss, M.T.Marcus, K.M. Rourke, W.C. Taylor, K.Burau, W.S.Jacobs, W.Kadish, G.Manso), the processed foods contain high concentrations of sugar, fat, carbohydrate and salt is the main addictive substances that cause gluttony of an individual. Because of unable to restrain from an addictive substance, people continue to overeating and lead to weight gain. Then, the increasing weight will cause an increase in the prevalence of obesity.

In conclusion, eating too much processed or fast food will cause an increased rate of obesity. This could cause serious effects among individuals or even society. Hence, each individual should emphasize controlling their diet by reducing the amount of consuming processed or fast food. Besides that, each individual should also be more active involving in some exercise such as jogging to slow down the development of obesity. Overall, we ourselves should take action towards the problem of obesity and detect the suitable solutions towards it since it is our own health.


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