Ocean Pollution: Importance Of Water In Our Life

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People may not be aware about the importance of the massive blue area that covers most of our earth. It could be said that it is covering more than 70 percent of our planet, and called oceans. It considers among the earth’s most valuable natural resources. There are a great deals of purposes which is being overseen by oceans. They oversee the climate, clean the air, help feed the world, and give a living to millions. They additionally are home to the vast majority of the life on earth, from infinitesimal green growth to the blue whale, the biggest creature on earth. While various exercises performed by human could prompt a genuine risk for oceans and species, the conceivable threat of contamination may arrive at the human here and there which isn’t being acknowledged by many individuals. Reckless or unlawful removal of syringes and other medicinal waste items can spread ailments and posture dangers to beach-goers. For example, people are eating some fish which may absorb chemical disposal, and cause diseases such as cancer to human health (Trash Pollution).

Literature Review

Speaking about acidity, Dental in his article has discussed the oceans and the effects of carbon emissions on its characteristic. He stated that “today’s seas absorb as much as a quarter of all man-made carbon emissions” . This resulted in the changes of the pH related to surface waters, and leads to acidification (Denchak). Additional to the acidity, there is another pollution which is called thermal pollution. It occurs when power plants and manufacturing companies release hot water into the water streams and oceans and thus causing a change in temperature by raising the temperatures higher. The sudden change in temperature causes reduction in the

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2 oxygen supply and this greatly affects the ecosystem composition (Chelangat).

3There is identification for the type of ocean pollution, where the pollution and disposal could occur directly, indirectly, intentionally and unintentionally (Trash Pollution). Some of other pollution purposes were included in explanations for sources of ocean pollution, which included the sewage, nuclear waste and industrial chemicals (Chelangat).

Other discussions were published regards the way of pollution and its effects on marine creatures. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reported that the ability of certain fish, like Pollock offsite link, to detect predators is decreased in more acidic waters due to Changes in ocean chemistry (Ocean acidification). There are different impacts of Human pollution and related removal, for example, plastic which been referenced in certain articles. There are in excess of 260 species are known to have ingested or been entrapped by plastic flotsam and jetsam. There is also 54 percent of mammals are known to have ingested or been trapped in plastic garbage (Trash Pollution). Ciampaglia provided additional examples of effects related to plastic disposal, in which turtles and seals think plastic bags floating in the ocean are jellyfish and they swallow the bags. That can cause the animals to choke, drown, or starve (Ciampaglia).

It isn’t sufficient to continue depicting the method for oceans pollution and reactions. In this way, a few articles included possible solutions and methods to reduce pollution in oceans. Examples were given for campaigns which helped to reduce pollutions which ‘is entirely preventable” (Ciampaglia).


  • What will happen if the percentage of ocean pollution increased in the next 10 years?
  • In the future, will some species of fish be threatened with extinction due to ocean pollution?
  • How do oil and antifreeze pollute our ocean when disposed of improperly?

Expected results

The overall results of the research will help to create a general overview about the rich component of our valuable oceans and its maritime life. The results of overall detailed effects and statically figures will help to provide public and community with a rich source of information about the ocean pollution. This is because there are Few people who recognises the incredibly rich and diverse ecosystem that exists in our oceans. Nor do they have any awareness of how much the health of that marine habitat impacts the quality of life on land.


In conclusion, ocean pollution is something very important to be considered among regional and international level. While people are performing different industrial and daily life activities, they are affecting ocean and marine life in many ways. Despite many calls which against reducing practices that threat oceans for their economic goals, serious actions are required from nations and regulations to minimise ocean pollution.


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