Essays on Offer and Acceptance

Contract Elements: Types, Characteristics, Legal Cases

A contract is an agreement that the law will apply and it’s created between two or more parties or between businesses where both parties will sign a contract if they agree to the offer of one party. Acceptance is important in a contract as both parties would have to accept or reject the offer that’s...
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Types Of Contract And Principles Of Contract Formation

Introduction A Contract is a pledge that is enforceable by the law. The pledge could be to either perform or refrain from an act. Creating a contract needs the mutual consent of two or more people, one who makes an offer (Seller) and another of who accepts (Buyer). When one party fails to deliver on...
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Basic Rules for Offer and Acceptance Applied in Determining the Validity of Contract

Introduction The underlying key principles in the formation of a contract pertains to the enforcement of rights, duties and obligations between legal subjects. Communication plays a significant role as it determines the validity and establishment of contractual obligations or duties between parties. English law notably has followed the traditional doctrine for concluding a contract by...
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