Essays on Old Age

Cognitive Changes: The Case Study Of Very Old Age

The chosen issue for this paper is cognitive changes in very old age. Navarro, Menacho, Alcalde, Marchena, Ruiz, & Aguilar (2009) defines cognition as obtaining knowledge though cultural experiences, and communication in relationships leads to reinforced positive languages. The age range for this case study is 80 years and above. This case will examine cognitive...
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Nursing Homes As An Alternative For Old Age

“We carry torch in fear of darkness and we bring up children in fear of old age”. With this statement I bring my understanding that children should take care of their parents in old age where they need a hand to walk. Parents take the responsibility of providing emotional, financial and moral support to their...
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The Issue Of Age Discrimination

Introduction This report will be focusing solely on age discrimination aiming to highlight the ways in which it’s dealt with effectively, under the light of the Equality Act 2010. As well as this portraying the negative outcome it currently has on the community. The description of all four types of age discrimination will also be...
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Age-related Changes

As humans age they go through many physical changes, this document will include age related changes for the cardiovascular system, respiratory changes, and the reproductive system. Also, nursing interventions, like how to asses changes, safety measures and education related to changes that happen as humans age. Cardiovascular Change(s) As humans age they face many cardiovascular...
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Meaning Of Old Age And Age Borders

Ageing is a sequence of events beginning with the birth and continue during the life cycle. Ageing represents the last phase of lifespan, a period when the individual looks back at his life and thinks what he gained and lost during this period. Every person is older compared to another person or relative to a...
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Memory Declines With Age

Rationale: The human brain functions, such as sight, hearing and memory naturally decline with age. Memory has always been a highly researched topic to do with its decline with age. Memory is defined as “the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information”. (Macquarie 2017) Memory updating is frequently used in everyday life and...
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Situation With Aging Population In Kenya

Situation With Ageing Population In Kenia Introduction Aging population is worldwide is considered an emerging minority group! This group face discrimination and inequality in the face of rapid social change attributed to globalization, urbanization and modernity. The United Nations world population prospects 2019 (United Nations, 2019) estimates that by the year 2050, 16% of the...
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Osteoarthritis Is Occurs Mostly In Elderly Women Than Men (old Age)

Introduction Osteo stands for bone as well as arthritis stands for inflammation of joints. Osteoarthritis is caused due to stress which happens mechanically to joints such as when we are doing few works. So mainly an illness that outcome in wear as well as tear of the joint capsule and tiny bones even the parts....
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