Essays on Oral History

Definition And Principles Of Oral History

Oral History is a recorded conversation, conducted according to generally accepted rules that aimed at turning personal memories into publicly accessible certificates. Typically, the interviewees viewed or participated in an event regarding the given subject. Oral History refers to the finished product, the story of the historical interpretation and their availability for future generations. The...
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WWII: An Oral History Reflection My Father

There are numerous ways, shapes, sounds, and types of World War II. Each man who was in the war experienced unexpected things in comparison to other people. Many have recollections that will stay with them everlastingly, while others hinder every one of their musings and recollections of the war far away. For my meeting of...
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WWII: An Oral History Reflection My Grandpa

As a lover of history and genealogy, curiosity is a driving force in my life. As a result, I tend to ask a lot of questions which made the oral interview process so enjoyable. I often imagine what it was like to walk in the shoes of some of our greatest heroes; such as George...
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