Essays on Organized Crime

Fight Against Organized Crime

The organized crime groups are able to infiltrate business by strong-arming union officials and business through the extortion, and racketeering. Labor racketeering involves the use of force or threats to obtain money for ensuring jobs or labor peace. (Albanese, S., J.) Most organized crime groups use this to their advantage, by threatening employees if the...
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Organized Crime And The Russian Mafia

The Russian Mafia can be traced back to the Time Russia was named the Soviet Union. (A.K.A. USSR) You could say it dates back to Imperial Russia. When Kings ruled and Peasants worked, but this could not be considered organized. As it was only an act of rebellion towards the state. During World War one...
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Organized Crime Versus Terrorism

Organized crime is often connoted with the mafia, Norco cartels and the mob. However, each of these organizations are designed and operate differently, allowing various power structures, incentives and members to stir it. The sophistication that surrounds these often, global organizations usually uproots stereotypical understandings of criminality. Criminal networks are not only expanding at exponential...
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Human Trafficking in North Korea

First and foremost, human trafficking expands across the globe to men, women, and children, it doesn’t matter the gender, age or the status of your social class. However; human trafficking affects women the most, in regards to this serious faul violations imapct universal human rights because of poverty due to the lack of human rights...
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