Osteoarthritis Is Occurs Mostly In Elderly Women Than Men (old Age)

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Osteo stands for bone as well as arthritis stands for inflammation of joints.

Osteoarthritis is caused due to stress which happens mechanically to joints such as when we are doing few works. So mainly an illness that outcome in wear as well as tear of the joint capsule and tiny bones even the parts. Due to this it would be hard to work in our daily life. They have low inflammatory response such as their wouldn’t appear dark red such as in rheumatoid arthritis but in some conditions it would happen in light red .There would be huge musculature problem. They would have posture problems. So mainly due to burning feeling. Some of the women who developed this went on to develop changes in rheumatoid arthritis. Many were treated with anti-inflammatory drug some were still affected and it led to a positive rheumatoid factor. These patients came at first with interphalangeal problems and then they have pain in big areas such as shoulders and joints.Later on it confirmed this burning sensation is major factor of this illness. Osteoarthritis is generally a musculoskeletal complication that occurs about all sexes across the globe. It is 4th most common predictor for women’s health issue across globe also 8th common health problems in men.This illness may happen with varying degrees of ignition, well-established main risk factors including ageing, plumpness, gender also, in selected subgroups, congenital abnormalities. It can also occur during playing. When a person is playing football and he got injured in the football field. He had to overcome a surgery and after his surgery he would be ok and ready to play but he wouldn’t be fully alright because he would be prone to osteoarthritis because his bone strength would be fragile and all. In his old age he would be more prone as loses his calcium level. In the case of women they would be more prone earlier than due to menopause or all. One of the most common this disease is hip osteoarthritis as hip is one among weakest bone in our body. It most commonly happens in women than men.

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That occurs due to these reasons – prevalence for this disease is intense in women than men because this grows dramatically in the years after menopause. Loss of estrogen at the time of menopause elevates the women’s possibility of obtaining osteoarthritis. As menopause happens calcium level decreases so that there would be issues in joints.

Another reason can be due to diet. If they maintain their diet they would be healthy and they wont be obese. Using the healthy eating index 2010 this study showed that the nutrient intake and diet quality of 400 urban overweight and obese African American older adults with self reported extremities osteoarthritis. In test participants (aged 68) are included. Food dietary intake was evaluated used a food frequency questionnaire(FFQ). Nutrient intake and dietary control were calculated from the FFQ. Intake for fibers, vitamin D and calcium were below recommendation while calories total percentage as total fat exceeded recommendation.

From a total of 12,764 men were more likely than women to benefit if physical activity was part of weight loss program reducing diets tended to produce more favourable load loss than physical activity alone. This type reducing diet did’nt affect long term load loss. A reducing diet ,physical activity as well as behaviour change gave the most effective result. At last men had the advantage because they were active and they would only obtain due to old age or accidents.

These musculoskeletal problems are not only old age they are a complete life course. They can occur anytime in one’s life. The manifestation would be pain mostly there is no early detection for this and all.

The aim of this research is that to find out why it have effect on women more when compared to men also to find if there is any means to treat this illness.


  1. What are the possible means for diagnosis of osteoarthritis also treatments for it? To spread awareness among to diagnose and treat the disorder
  2. Why does it occur mostly in women when compared to men? To find the reason why it occurs so.

Inclusion Criteria

This consists of the reason why women is more overwhelmed of this disorder as well as the possible means of diagnosis for it .


The main factor is women they have loss in muscle size,strength comparatively to men.In a research they actually take participants from both the sides (sexes) they were aged from 60-86 years they were asked . At last it was seen that muscle strength and activity was less in women than men. Obesity clearly elevates risk of osteoarthritis but it is uncertain in both sexes.the data which was collected indicate that neuromuscular activation and contractile RFD are more affected by long-term disuse than maximal muscle strength, which may increase the future risk for falls. Women have high possibilities of osteoarthritis. Here are many other sex hormones which would affect women. The handlind of osteoarthritis is person with osteoarthritis would find exercise a difficult job as they would feel pain as well as stiffness but moving is one of the best thing to do at present situation. It would actually reduce the pain and while walking one would be fit and they wont be obese. Actually strengthening exercise would also help in this situation because they would build muscles around so that they could ease the burden and could be relieved from pain.. Stretching is one of the main significant reason. Stretching helps in relieving the pain and stiffness[footnoteRef:5]. As some descriptions about obese is written before one should stay fit or if one is obese extra weight would bear on those joints and there would problems with those jointsThere are many medications additionally for this illness. Supplement glucosamine also chondroitin can be used in harsh knee osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic injections are quite expensive also they would last for a longer time period. Corticosteroids provide short term relief for the burning sensation pain. Corticosteroids would be effective only for four to eight weeks. Physical checkup is the most significant way for doctors for this diagnosis. Since osteoarthritis is the clinical diagnosis doctors could easily accrue the diagnosis found on the history and physical examination. State of the art to clinical technologies like computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging would be used if diagnosis was too hard to find in the plain radiography. Magnetic resonance imaging are rarely used if doctors are in doubt as well as they are used to find out meniscal injury. Sometimes gout could be the cause for inflammation so the doctors would check if it is gout or osteoarthritis by checking the elevation of uric acid. Surgery is the other treatment if the medications doesn’t work. Surgery would be needed if the patient has continued pain and disability even after medications. Most effective operation is full joint replacement. The major parts for this kind of surgery is shoulder hip also legs. Many different prostheitic devices are convenient, in this patients would use this prosthetic device instead of that affected leg. They are sure that their prosthesis would function well for atleast 15-20 years.


This happens mainly due to bone damage in the joints. This happens mainly in women because in the process of menopause they lose a lots of oestrogen and they lose a lot of calcium which leads to bone damage such as osteoarthritis. In men it occurs through injury and old age. It most commonly affects both sexes by obesity. If a person is obese bones w be able to carry on at the joints. They would get damaged.


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