Overpopulation: Meaning And Solutions

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Overpopulation is one of the world’s most pressing global issues, overpopulation is when there are too many people in a region or in the whole world. It is actually dangerous for me because if there is overpopulation then will all of our resources is enough? Will it be able to sustain all of us or will we run out of them and people will start to freak out and fight for the resources? I hope not cause it is really horrible to think, people fighting, killing, each other for shelter? Food? Water? And so on? The consequences are on the edge of a cliff, that’s just in any time will fall because it’s helded root is too fragile to take it’s weight.

According to Wikipedia ‘Overpopulation can result from an increase in births, a decline in mortality rates, an increase in immigration, or an unsustainable biome and depletion of resources. It is possible for very sparsely populated areas to be overpopulated if the area has a meagre or non-existent capability to sustain life.’ Yes, truth is areas like desert can’t sustain a human life, but some can but most of the deserts can’t they can only sustain desert creatures because they are shaped to live in a land like that. And let’s say if a group lives in a vast desert, they’ve run out of resources, how will they survive? People can live in deserts but in only a matter of time, they won’t last long. Overpopulation were increasing every time, we might can’t feel it now but we will soon. One of the reasons of overpopulation is the increase in births, which in this time were growing rapidly and increasing before our eyes, many teenage pregnancy cases were reported, counted and some of the mothers might experience some illness.

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In the other hand, Poverty is also one of the contributing causes of overpopulation because for the poor having more child means many chances of winning but in some cases, it is the opposite actually. Overpopulation exploded over the last half-century of the world’s population. There are almost seven billion people in the writing but that number is expected to grow in a short period of time. And if that happens, just like what I stated above, will our resources be enough to fuel us for years? Or we’ll experience a shortage? But if we can eradicate this there’s a big chance that we can stop the unimaginable consequences. Family planning is also one of the reasons because people who have lack of education don’t know the use of contraceptive and that leads us to another cause which is the Misuse of Contraceptives, contraceptives are good and bad for some couples cause it prevents pregnancy, condoms, pills are an example of contraceptives which is can be bought at pharmacies these days to eradicate the chance of exploding of another series of overpopulation. There are many reasons for Overpopulation which follows the Fertility Treatment which is only plays a minor role in Overpopulation it means that which improved fertility treatments and the number of women using it is on the rise making people possible to have children.

In addition those causes can actually be avoided if all people have a proper education, it can be prevented if people were more eager to choose studies than above anything. There are effects I’d like to point to highlight this, first is as I have mentioned the Lack of Resources it can be either food, water, shelter, fossil fuels. If overpopulation continues to bloom the natural fresh water can’t be enough for billions of people drinking everyday of their life. And imagine that what will be our alternative if we live without water? The artificial juices? The purified drinking water? Natural fresh water is always the best. Another effect is the increased intensive farming which farmers will have to plant large number of crops to feed a more larger number of people and yet farmers our very own heroes, were being treated poorly, which is very wrong, the rice you eat today is the plant they’d taken care, watered and harvested, waited for months for it to grow in what kind of shape they are now. They should be our heroes and yet people lookdown of them. When truth is they are our sole provider, the masters of our food, the fishermans the herders of animals, the farmers of fruits and vegetables. Some of them almost spend their entire life just to plant, because that’s what their fathers, their ancestors taught them. We should be thankful for having them, imagine a life without them what will we eat? Processed foods? I don’t think so, although it’s the fastest way to eradicate overpopulation but it still isn’t the best option. There are a lot if people will just do them for our own good, let’s hope fir the better.

There are several solutions that should be done today to avoid consequences in the future, namely, better sex education which will help people to understand the chances

of over population too, they will know about the right use of contraceptives and better education cause if people ants children are more educated imagine what could we be. We can be grater than ever, we would be wiser and more mindful of our own doings. We can eradicate poverty by giving people better education, better perspective, and better view of things the poor won’t think that having many children means more chances of winning anymore, children will be loved by their parents and they won’t be seen as chances to riches, they will be seen as the gift of god to their parents. And lastly educate people about overpopulation, it’s causes, effects and solutions. So they’ll understand how dangers the consequences of overpopulation could be. Let’s promote family planning and the use of contraceptives, if couples don’t want babies then they should use contraceptives, we would not want any unwanted pitiful child anymore, we can’t deal any newborn child just dumped in streets just because their parents isn’t ready for them, the youth nowadays should be more responsible of their own doings. They should spread love not legs. The basic rule of our elders, make your studies a priority above anything, family comes next, and yourself comes first too. We can be good if we fight with this.

Therefore, if we have a proper education I’ll say we would be greater, we would be good and more wiser than ever, we can make greater, better, best solutions for our problems, we can be the best versions of ourselves than we ever know. We’ll never know what will happen but let’s take the risk and let’s be great. If we can do the solutions we can at least stop of decrease the chances of the unimaginable consequences of overpopulation and our any other worldwide issues, just like climate change and many other things. We should preserve our Earth so our children in the future can still see the beauty and wonders of it, like the vast open seas, the green trees, the sound of the flowing water, the vast blue sky, and lastly, the smile on every people’s faces. We can empower, inspire ourselves to protect Earth at all costs. Stay still and let’s stand with this.                


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