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Canada is considered to be one of the most advanced countries in the west. It has been observed that though the country is highly developed still it is not devoid of social issues. It can be observed that some issues are still a point of concern for all Canadians. One of the most discussed issues in the social life of Canada is the “Abortion laws of Canada”. It has been observed that there were different types of injunctions as well as laws regarding the abortion laws and rules in Canada and the Canadian Society. There are several types of health issues that are dealt with the proper type of care and approach, medical care, and treatment. But there are certain types of health issues that are dealt with controversy, conflict, and condemnation (Obar 2014). Abortion can be considered to be such a type of social issue. There have been different types of researchers and study that has accounted for the growth and development of different types of abortion instances as well as also the causes of sex-selective abortion practices in Canada. It has also been observed that the Federal Legislation in Canada has made different types of allowable options that can be used by the Provincial as well as the State Legislatures for better growth and developmental purpose.

Section A: Academic Literature Review

Researchers in the field of medical treatment and other allied phenomenon has proved the fact that even if the girls, as well as the women, are seen to take an extreme amount of precaution with the help of different types of contraceptives but still there may be situations where there may be a need to go for the process of abortion or the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. In some decades ago it was observed that only a few methods were available for abortion or the termination of pregnancy. But with the advancement of better technology, we can see that now at present better techniques are made available for the termination of unwanted pregnancy. Unsafe abortions can lead to different types of costs that may be quite expensive for the young girls, their parents, other households as well as it may also have an impact on the entire society as a whole. The legal status of abortion is a very sensitive affair, as a result, it has been observed that several types of lawyers, as well as advocates, are busy framing out new laws and regulations for the acceptability as well as the accessibility of this concerned topic. It has been observed that anti-abortion groups were seen to work mainly on the domain of bans on constitutional abortion as well as they were also observed to deal with restrictive laws and policies regarding this restrictive domain (Norman 2012). The acceptability of the abortion primarily identifies the fact that a girl may have the right to go for an abortion during the early stages of her pregnancy if she desires so and the government is much obliged to her in this concerned domain. In the year 2016, it was observed that among the Canadian-born mothers the male-female ratio was 1.05. This was a population-based research work that was conducted by the Canadian Medical Association. Different types of prejudices and reflections could have been guided by the concerned survey. It was also observed that the concept that the male son was quite indispensable in carrying forward the name of the family was also instrumental in developing the consensus for the majority of the cases of abortions. There is also a strong belief among Canadian society that the birth of a daughter may lead to the development of shame and ignominy for the concerned society and as a result, there are the majority of actionable cases of abortion. A more recent type of research that was carried out in the year 2018, had developed the idea that the increasing number of female abortions can be lessened by enhancing a greater type of awareness in the Canadian community. It was observed that a better type of understanding of the different types of activities that lead to such type of thought and action can be used to spread a better awareness in the concerned society. By the generation of a better type of awareness campaign in Canada, there can be made substantial improvements in the fields of sex-selective abortions. It has been observed that this is not only an issue in Canada but it has been an issue with a worldwide existence. There are different types of reasons that may be accountable for abortion as well as the different types of abortive practices. Some of the reasons may be stated as financial problems, incompatibility with their sexual partners, maternal health concerns, malformation, different types of genetic disorders, etc. Adoptions are a type of medical necessity and medically important procedures. Understanding the importance of abortion it was observed that in the year 1995 the Federal Health Minister did confirm the fact that abortion is a very important medical procedure and it must be incorporated into the Canada Health Act and this should be followed by all the different types of Provincial and territorial Health Insurance Plans. It has been observed that medical types of abortions can be taken into account and it can be accounted for 50% of the different types of eligible women and can be made accountable for 56 days gestation period. It has also been observed that the majority of the abortion cases that can be carried out by such a process can be less harmful to the patients, they will be noninvasive, private and they will also not include any type of special type of equipment. It has been proved that 90% of the cases that are handled within 49 days of the gestation period can be handled very smoothly and efficiently without having any type of problems and criticalities to the concerned patients. Studies and researches have proved the fact that there are no laws that can be applied for the use of medication for termination but it can be observed that illegal use of pharmaceuticals can be made to control pregnancy as well as to make use of the possible mechanism of abortion (Sethna& Doull 2013). It should also be taken into account that the actual number of the medical abortions are unknown in Canada because these type of incidents are often not recorded but the Canadian Abortion Survey can track its different types of activities in the said domain. It has also been observed in the different types of surveys and researches that about 65% of the women who had vaginal intercourse and who were not ready to conceive made use of the different types of contraceptives that were available in the said market. Survey results have indicated that contraceptives were used by about 44% of the patients, condoms were used by about 54% of the patients and the method of withdrawal was used by 12% of the respondents.

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Section B: Media Summary

A study involving 157 representatives from 63 different types of advocacy organizations was seen to get involved in how social media can have an impact on the said topic. It was observed that most of the impetrations, as well as the interactive phenomenon, are being articulated through social media like Twitter and Facebook. A bilingual type of survey was carried out from June 2013 to November 2013, in the domain of Canadian abortion services. It was observed that the total number of respondents that took part in this survey was about 94. It was observed that about 31% of Canadian Women experienced this problem of abortion in their life span. The abortion services of both rural wells as urban facilities were taken into consideration. It was also observed that the Federal Legislature involved a large number of supporting documentation that allowed space for the Provincial and the Territorial Health systems to provide abortion systems in Canada. It has been observed that about 90.4% of Canadian abortions have been reported to have taken place in the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 2012. In the year 1988, it was observed that the Supreme Court of Canada, had made a landmark decision to throw out its Abortion Law of 1969, based on the fact that it was unconstitutional (Sethna & Doull 2013). This resulted in the creation of a very big legal vacuum and still today no abortion law exists in Canada. The media has observed the fact that abortion has been resulted to be paid by the funded activity with the taxpayer in dollars so that it can move through every type of Provincial system in Canada. According to the Canadian Health Act, it is stated that it does not ensure the abortion costs to be insured. Media reports state that about 1,00,000 surgical operations are conducted in Canada annually. Since, the time from 1969, that abortion became legalized it was observed to kill about 4 lakh babies in Canada. According to the different types of reports, the rates of unintended abortion practices are unknown in Canada whereas in the US 95% of such types of cases that involved the abortion of pregnancies were unintended.

Section C : Compare/Contrast

There is a great difference in respect to the comparison between the different types of social groups that have an impact on social media. The greatest type of impact is observed between the American as well as the Canadian groups. It has been observed that whereas the Americans easily take the help of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook for making a wave in the field of social responsibility but still there is a lot of difference in respect to the activity of the Canadians whose activities are generally more guarded and covered off. It has been observed that in an American Society the responses are quite vigorous with the help of digital media involving Facebook and Twitter. But in the case of a Canadian Society is more conservative with the use of a systematic and logical approach for the expression of their views using logical media. It has been observed that today about 96% of cases were considered in which abortion is considered to be a backup case for childbirth. Researches have observed that about half of the women that go for unplanned pregnancy take the resort to abortion (Kaposy 2010). Different types of emotional and traditional factors are also responsible for cases of abortion. Here it can be seen that in most cases people do think that the birth of a boy can lead to a brighter family name and on the contrary the birth of a girl can allow for a bad name in society. This type of psychological sentiment can also form a very important parameter in Canada for adopting abortion facilities. It has also been observed that the practice of abortion in the US is also considerably high.


The study deals with the status of abortion in Canada and how society and the media react to it. In this study different types of responses of the respondents were taken so that the survey was unbiased. Different types of studies have revealed the fact that abortion is a medical necessity and sometimes the procedures that are generally adopted for the abortion techniques may not be safe and secure for the concerned patients of the same domain. From the perspective of Canada, it has been observed that several types of surveys and researches have clearly shown that there are different types of factors that are responsible for such cases some of them are financial problems, non-compatibility with their partners, malformation, and different types of genetic issues. It has also been observed that one-third of the women who go for such types of practices have prior experience in this concerned field. Researchers have also found out that in a survey of 1127 women who have opted for an abortion in an Ontario hospital, about 23.1% were seeking a second abortion and 3.7% were seeking a third or a subsequent abortion. In such type of study, a clear history of sexual abuse and nonconformity with their partners were observed. It has also been a noted fact that some physicians do believe the fact that emergency contraceptives are also a type of abortifacient and therefore most of them do decline to prescribe them to their patients. The different types of studies and researches have also lead to the fact that if a proper type of awareness campaign is organized then a greater part of the society will be benefitted from this type of activity.


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