Essays on Painting

Evolution Of Painting As An Art Form

Painting has been a form of expression human beings have used since the beginning of pre-historic humans that extends across all cultures. Starting around 40,000 years ago, cave paintings done by what are suspected to be Neanderthals were the beginning of paintings. They would utilize the recourses around them, including grounding up charcoal, earth, and...
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Landscape Painting In Pakistan

Introduction: Landscape painting is a visual art genre which represents a view of countryside. It include natural scenery such as mountains, trees, rivers and forests etc. this genre has a huge history. Landscape painting was introduced as a genre for the first time in Chinese art by the 4th century. Before this Greeks and Romans...
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Depiction Of Storm In Paintings

A gifted and imaginative child, Joseph Mallord William turner was the most original artist in the history of English landscape painting, Turner was fascinated by the effects of light. Turner had travelled widely and produced a vast amount of work, his style changed considerably over the years, ranging from accurate, topographical watercolours in his early...
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Sleep Versus Dream: Critical Analysis of Paintings

The theme I have chosen is the Dream/Sleep theme. These two arts share comparable themes. The first painting, Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening (nicknamed Dream) is by Salvador Dali. This painting was finished in 1944 and is of a sleeping figure of Gala. Gala appears...
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Analytical Essay on Chinese Painting and Ritual

Dark Romantics There are many types of art in China such as tea ceremonies, calligraphy, dance, poetry, music and painting. They are practiced ritualistically with great discipline aimed for perfection. These arts are still practiced traditionally with remarkable patience. Among the most treasured arts of China, is ink painting. It is a ritual that must...
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