Essays on Panopticism

The Multiple Surveillance Activities Undertaken By Correctional Facilities

This text will explore the multiple surveillance activities undertaken by correctional facilities, along with how panopticism theory evolved and how it is applied in prisons systems. Also touching on the benefits and risks of using surveillance equipment and looking into studies on exactly how panoptic prison systems really are. The use of technology in prisons...
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Panopticism And Orientalism

Said claims “The orientalist surveys the orient from above” which implies the European gaze upon the East as Panoptic. I intend to broadly discuss ideas of the orient and Orientalism, as a hegemonic discourse of imperialism, as well as Bentham’s Panopticon. In particular, I would like to focus on bridging the gap between the two...
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Necessity Of Make-up Is Squeezing Women's Living Space

Foucault proposed that modern society is a panoptic prison that disciplined the human body. The power of discipline invisibly controls people to obey the rules of the contextual society. Due to the diversity of cultures, people are disciplined into different characteristics based on their gender, class, and race. Make-up as a prevailing activity around the...
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