Essays on Parent-Child Relationship

Running Head: Discuss The Importance Of Attachment In Relation To The Parent-child Relationship

Abstract Attachment within the parent-child relationship is vital for the healthy long-term development of the child and can contribute to the child’s growing sense of self; attachment continues throughout the lifespan. There are three key features: Proximity seeking, Secure base, and Separation protest (Schacter, D, 1987, p.501). Many Psychologists have investigated the theory of attachment...
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The Impact Of Islamic Moral Values On Parent - Child Relationship In Secular Multicultural Societies

This essay will analyse akhlaq[footnoteRef:1] and adab[footnoteRef:2] rules related to parents and children as well as critically analysing the challenges and dilemmas to maintain the Islamic moral values of the parents to their children in the Muslim communities living in a secular society of Multifaith’s and cross-cultures. Islamic Moral values play a significant part in the daily lives of...
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Coming Out And The Parent-child Relationship

Disclosing that one identifies with a sexual orientation other than heterosexual, also known as “coming out,” is often considered to be an important yet difficult part of identity development for sexual minorities (Martin & Hetrick, 1988). Coming out has at times been associated with better mental health outcomes (Legate et al., 2012), but it also...
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