Essays on Paris

Visiting Paris: Personal Experience

Wine, cheese, the Eiffel Tower, castles, culture – France is world famous for many things. There’s nothing like an adventure in Loire Valley or a few days through Paris. France’s rich history is characterised by delicate ruins, castles, architecture and culture. The first day of my trip was located in Paris. This city has everything...
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Paris: Historical Events, Religion And Culture

Historical events, religions and languages- Paris is a city that wears its history on its sleeve. To its massive landmarks and amazing culture through the years, its history changed it to what we all know today. Paris got its name hundreds of years ago when a tribe that lived where Paris is today where defeated...
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Paris In 19th Century: Economic Problems, Political Gain And Social Divide

Under Louis Napoleon Bonaparte’s rule, a radical resifting of Paris’ infrastructure into something unrecognizable would happen, all under the guise of modernization. The revolution that would transform France into the Second Empire would also transform its capital into a display of imperial pomp. Charged with the reconstruction of the street system, Baron Haussmann took as...

The Social Exclusion of Immigrants in Modern Paris

This research paper will address issues regarding the government of France’s role in building inequality into their capital’s suburban neighborhoods. These cities are Paris’s banlieues, home to the city’s large immigrant communities plagued by lack of opportunity, surging unemployment, rampant poverty, and police discrimination. By law, the integration of an immigrant into French society is...
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Paris As Tourist Destination: Museums And Landmarks

Paris is the capital of France and the most highly populated city in the country with a population of 2.2 million. Since the 17th century Paris has been one of Europe’s major centres of finance, commerce, fashion, science and the arts, particularly well known for its museums and landmarks. In 2017, 23 million people visited...
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The Rebuild And The Architecture Of Paris: Eiffel Tower

Paris is the most beautiful city in France. It is the capital city of France. Paris has a wide historical background. It is situated in the north part of the center of France, at the bank of Seine river. Seine river divide Paris into two halves, the left bank has cultural and modern development and...
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