Essays on Parties

Politics Of Canada: Liberals and Conservatives

Canada is a democratic state where elections are held justly. Each vote carries equal weight. However, a vote is registered according to a riding. A party that obtains more votes overall does not necessarily mean it becomes the governing party of Canada. Also, Canada is a highly prolific decentralized federation. Each province has its legislation...

Republican Party Throughout The Beginning Of The Aids Crisis

During the 1980s, party politics relied on their platforms for support during elections. However, the conservative party had become heavily supported by an Evangelical following, making the republican party semi-controlled by a church sect. This connection between religion and the state was particularly emphasized during the years of the AIDS Crisis, where many gay men...
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Importance Of Political Parties In America

Identifying with a political party is a major part of Democracy and America. It allows us to represent our ideas as a group in order to make a difference. We are able to have our opinions heard and views are spoken. The identification of political parties has been engraved in the representative democracy of America;...
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The Liberals: Canada’s Leading Political Party

Whenever federal elections start coming up, political parties use nearly every platform including posters, social media ads, and flyers to promote themselves. At such a time, Canadians are always sent into a frenzy and confusion as to which party is the best choice, and quite understandably, creates a headache for many. What most fail to...
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Research Project Abortion Bill: Republicans Versus Democrats

Bill HB 896 is currently trying to be passed by the Texas Legislature. The bill is entitled to prohibit abortion and protect the rights of an unborn child. It would take place once “a living human child, from the moment of fertilization on fusion of a human spermatozoon with a human ovum. The entitled rights...
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