Passion For Psychology: My Experience In Developmental And Cognitive Psychology

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My passion for psychology has grown strongly over the years, particularly in developmental and cognitive psychology. This mainly stems from the interest in how mental health impacts individuals from a cognitive, interpersonal, and social standpoint, and how these theories are applied and integrated into real-life applications in order to provide high-quality treatment for those experiencing psychological illnesses. Having experienced issues regarding mental health first-hand, along with having one-to-one conversations with loved ones about how it affects them, enabled me to develop a strong interest in researching finding ways to refine and improve treatment methods being provided to patients.

Psychology is such an intriguing subject as it enables me to critically analyse and reflect on how cognitive processes influence human behaviour. Having attended attending therapy sessions enabled me to reflect on behavioural patterns in my childhood and how they have evolved through adolescence and early adulthood. This in return has led me to conduct further research in developmental psychology to understand how individuals’ thoughts, feelings and behaviours change throughout their lifetime, along with developing key attributes such as independent thinking, critical thinking and self-awareness.

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After pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in BSc (Hons) Tourism Management, I have worked in various customer service and hospitality roles. These roles have enabled me to develop strong communication and interpersonal skills, time management skills and the ability to work under pressure. My initial desire for studying Tourism Management arose from wanting to expand my knowledge on cultural diversity and intercultural communication, which in return has taught me to critique and analyse these topics from different perspectives. I hope to use these transferable skills for my career in psychology, as I have developed a strong interest in mental health. Furthermore, coming from an Afro-Caribbean background lies a stigma surrounding this topic which in return has developed a genuine curiosity on how mental health affects those from BAME communities. Particular areas of interests lie within topics such as racism and discrimination, social and economic inequalities within the BAME community and refugees or asylum seekers, who may be at higher risk of experiencing various psychological illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. During my undergraduate study, I was a course representative for 3rd year BSc (Hons) Tourism Management students. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience as I learned valuable transferable skills which include leadership skills, how to interact with people from all walks of life along with how to manage challenging situations and assist students with a variety of course-related issues.

From a work experience perspective, I have changed careers and am now a support worker, providing high-quality care and support for patients who have autism, anxiety and depression. It is a such a rewarding role and I thoroughly enjoy helping patients learn new skills to gain independence and help them achieve anything that they want to achieve in their lives.

Upon completing my master’s degree in MSc Psychology, I aspire to study at PhD level and work towards a career in academia/research to become a postdoctoral research fellow or lecturer in clinical psychology. In conclusion, with a strong interest in psychology research and gaining practical work experience, I believe that I will thoroughly enjoy and excel in this field of work with such a reputable university.


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