Peace Making Approach to Criminology: Analytical Essay

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Criminology deals with law enforcement and justice system how it works. Louis Gesualdi wrote a book on Peace making Approach to Criminology which focuses on solutions to deal with offenders rather than punishing them or sentencing them to death. The reason for writing the book was to propose to the law in a peaceful way that is more human of dealing with the criminals that do not involve any violence and is scientifically approved by science. The purpose of term paper is to demonstrate the three assertions about social problems that the author supports and how the work supports assertion.

According to the author of the book punishing crime increases the crisis rather than reducing and preventing crimes. The approach considers crime as a sickness that needs treatment and not crime that seeks punishment for criminals. It uses principle of justice to root out evil by rehabilitating the offenders. Louis wrote in research saying that the government of United States embraces crime through punishment rather than looking for other alternatives and the impact leads to more criminal activities in the neighbourhood. Henry wrote on recent developments in criminal theory (2017).

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However, the author came up with three assertions which he wrote about in his book, criminal law, and social change.

Assertion 1: Law

In his book he wrote about restoring justice in the country where various solutions were pointed out. Louise state that justice can be restored through changing and making new policies on the offenders and use of justice system. The author said that American faces justice problems because the system used is still concentrated on ethnic and racial discrimination. He supported his assertion by pointing out that the law is encountering problems because it is still practicing capital punishment which involves death penalty for the wrongdoers, hence making people furious to seek revenge on innocent people.

Assertion 2: crime

Louis Gesualdi covered the type of crimes that arises daily and how they came to be in existence. In his book he mentioned about white-collar crimes, where he gave out various examples like carrying out illegal trade, practicing fraud while at work and corruption. He argued that these crimes occur in great quantity because the companies that are engaging in these activities are multinationals and greater than the government when it comes to power because of their influence. He stated that the companies’ influence price control by rising prices on products and services and spreading corruption because they have monotony advantage in the market. The author defended his argument by indicating that these companies have gone a mile further to relocating to small companies that are struggling with economics in order to avoid tax and not incur expenses on their products.

Assertion 3: social change

Louise touch on how social problems pose a huge threat to people. The author says that social problems in the country are caused by social conditions that people live in. Louis wrote that globalization has brought a lot of changes to the environment and made employment minimum to people, therefore ending up causing poverty among the youth who later engage in criminal activities. He also pointed out that social-economic challenges have been due to difference in ethnicity culture where a certain group’s culture may appear racist to another group. Louis also showed how social science proved to be a total failure to civil rights and could not challenge racism. He conducted research and concluded that the great part of violence that is found in most youths is as a result of the social challenges they encounter.

Impact of crime

The author of the book gave various results that occur because of continuation of these criminal activities that have been rising up daily instead of reducing. As a result of criminal activities people have ended up being sick due to unfavourable working conditions at workplace while others ending up in severe injuries. The illegal trade has led to environmental damage where the rich end up being richer and the poor people end up in jail because all the fall lands on them.

Peacemaking Act and Economic Democracy

According to the author the peace making Act approach is meant to increase more job opportunities, raise the standard of living as well as better working conditions at the workplace. In addition the Peace making Act is important in prohibition of drugs among the youths as they have majority influence from. The Economic Democracy method is also important approach in prevention of unsafe products to the market as well as reduce poverty among young people.


Most youths in America face social condition and that’s where the violent act is founded. Globalization has made rich people richer and left poor people poor. There are other alternatives to deal with crimes rather than capital punishment. The peace making approach is meant to seek out truth, build the truth and run a reconciliation channel even if it’s not a permeant solution. The U.S. government should build more rehabilitation facilities and places the criminals there where they will get to be better, as well as making society safer for people.


  1. Henry, S. (2017). Recent developments in criminological theory: toward disciplinary diversity and theoretical integration. Routledge.


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