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Sociological Conflict Perspective

Sociologists analyze how civilizations’ dynamic tension conforms to sociological conflict influenced by the distribution of power. In 2008 during major economic oppression, the hierarchies or those in charge of denying or granting resources, power, and finances dealt with conflict perspectives within society. Theorists such as Marx and Durkheim were responsible for questions such as “what holds society together?”. One of these conflicts was brought in 2009 when Leader Barack Obama manipulated the country with Cash for Clunkers.

Power makes conflicts inevitable especially when there are so many different ideas, rules, and norms. President Barack Obama was bulldozed with ideas that could possibly boost the economy during his election. Among these ideas was Cash for Clunkers. However favorable it might have sounded it was a total tank causing more issues that society had to manage. As for Cash for Clunkers, the program authorized three billion dollars causing more substantial damage. Taxpayers and carmakers had to pay these three billion back which hurdled the industry.

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In 2009 individuals barely eligible for credit were given credit and loans to purchase vehicles. Those people with clunkers barely had the funds to pay for monthly payments which is why they had clunkers, to begin with. Interest rates were unfavorable, at large percentages, car sales increased; at the end of the day these vehicles were repossessed, banks lost money, and automotive dealers were hurting.

Although with power, the President tried to fix the nation’s economic situation conflicting with the economic classes. These conflicts arose causing an unbalanced function till this day, whether it is in this country or another that we do trades with. The main conflicts begin in our own backyard, which is the reason why the federal government provided General Motors and Chrysler with emergency loans to prevent a collapse in one of the most successful industries.

Unfortunately, conflict is what distinguishes the norms and rules. The biggest impact on the American economic system is our very own Government. The upper class got taxed more because the democratic party was in favor of numerous types of incentives offered to the lower class in hopes of bringing up the society when in reality it can cause major damage.

Conflict perspective when in regards to State mobilizes the dominant majority. The conflicts will remain because that is the way that issues get resolved and blindfolded people of power try to maneuver authority involving the society. At times decisions by the hierarchy are favorable to half the civilization and not to the other half. A social balance is essential, a conflict will always occur, and those with authority determine our outcomes, and society as a whole adapts.  


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