Essays on Penguins

Hunger, Fatigue And Resilience: A Letter From An Emperor Penguin

My home is Antarctica. Even though I am a bird, I cannot fly. I am the largest, deepest-diving penguin. The only one which does not build any sort of nests at all. Moreover, I belong to the only penguin species that breed during the Antarctic’s winter season. I am the Emperor Penguin. And here, let...
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General Characteristics Of Gentoo Penguins

Gentoo penguins have the ventral side white and the dorsal side black. These colors help them to protect for depredators while they swimming underwater; the white color being on the ventral side makes the predator to be confused with the sky, and on the contrary the black color makes them confuse with the deep sea.....
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Penguins Modern State: Consequences Of Global Warming

Introduction Global Warming is a consequence of greenhouse effects of water vapour and other gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide which are the most abundant. Global warming is a very topical and controversial issue which effects the global community and the environment. It is of utmost importance to redress the causing problems associated...
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