People Management: Leadership And Management Skills

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Characteristics of a good people manager include:

  1. Good managerial skills capabilities along with being
  2. Good team player
  3. Professional expertise
  4. Relevant experience
  5. Good personality characteristics that help business relationship to flourish with the customers and in building great rapport with coworkers
  6. Strong interpersonal skills and effective communicational skills that help leaders to steer teams effectively and efficiently.

Leadership and Management

An effective person manifests as an effective leader among diverse teams and expertise to handle employees with diverse personality backgrounds. Human resources experts to target and achieve complementary business goals for a company. An effective people manager motivates the employees of the company to meet the organizational strategic goals and intentions of an organization. A people manager focuses extensively on ensuring that employees are abiding by companies’ policies, guidelines, and targeting in improvizing the organizational system beneficial to company standards, productivity, employee satisfaction, and customer satisfaction.

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In this assignment, I would like to choose NHS as the area of study: An insight into the role of an effective manager at NHS include the key activities

Leaderships Skills

  1. Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills. These skills are must as the NHS manager has to manage wide range of people from different departments, but should also be dealing with stakeholders and clients who have invested in the NHS.
  2. Exceptional organizational and multitasking capabilities.
  3. Leadership and open to change abilities with thorough understanding of the change management process.
  4. strong work ethics whilst continually working to high, professional standards,
  5. The ability to motivate different personality people in a team and lead a team of people
  6. Maintain confidentiality as per NHS regulation, with the NHS code of conduct
  7. Make potent and operational decisions whilst under pressure
  8. Have a determined and approach for resolutions even on toughest onsets of work/projects

Management Skills

  1. NHS manager should be a focused, enthusiastic, and highly organized manager
  2. Should be delightful and possess abilities to help my NHS achieve its organizational aims by closely coordinating with their team and other NHS staff.
  3. Having strong values and ethics to manage people with different high intellectual capabilities.
  4. A great manager at NHS would demonstrate strong desire to work in a large, multi-talented organisations like the NHS, being calm and work-oriented even under pressure
  5. Able to motivate people in quiet environments of hospital and clinical settings to get better performance and productivity from the staff.
  6. Should actuate ideas, manage and deliver multiple tasks and projects all at once.
  7. NHS manager has huge amount of responsibility and should be ready for challenge that lies ahead.
  8. They should be self-motivated and able to prove their self worth and impact the organisation positively.


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