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With the help of efficient management of reward system, there are several benefits to develop positive performances in different ways. It also facilitates for long term success and continuous improvement (Hearn, 2018). Present study based on case study of White Knight which is well established mail order catalogue company with its headquarter and main distribution centre in Crawley. In this study cover problem that faced by the business and diagnosis of the issues with outline process and procedure that taken as performance business advisor.


Diagnosis of the problem faced by White Knight

In White Knight, there are several problems occur such as call office performance is measured with a range of metrics so that service levels identify in term of time. Duration of calls and proportion of customers some calls are also monitored by quality assurance and interactive voice response (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015). Standard set for mainly three metrics such as 80% of calls to be answered in 20 seconds, average talk no considered more than 2 minutes and no more than 3% of customers hanging up. However, call centres was not meeting these targets. Customer satisfaction level were also declined so that it is essential something to be done in effective manner. In addition to this, customers also feel tired and waiting for responses of other people (Mone and London, 2018). As a result, it creates major impact on results and obtain appropriate information as well. Software was also used to obtain customer feedback so that it is another major issue for getting response in appropriate way.

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Along with this, another problem also occur in the business is that standards are not set properly so that it is essential to focus on make appropriate procedure that must be set to look into the problem and suggest solution. To meet targets. Absenteeism is also high so that interviews conducted with HR business partners to indicate stress and tiredness also increases that are major contributory factors (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Hence, it can be stated that managers, team leaders and employee engagement survey must be taken to maintain appropriate quality of leadership. Due to not meeting of targets, it can be stated that White Knight face problem. Consequently, it creates impact on results and outcomes of call centre and distribution. Without specific HR support, the solution cannot be suggested in an appropriate manner. As a result, it can be stated that evident from conversations with managers and team leaders and employee engagement will be included so that quality of leadership will be successfully develop at workplace (Zheng, Hung and Xu, 2016). Call office performance measured with range of metrics so that it assists to communicate proportion of customers in appropriate manner. Obtain customer feedback is also an important element that helps to increase targets and goals easily. Organisation also develop their functioning with appropriate distribution to look into problem and make suggested solution to attain more appropriate results.

In order to consider processes and procedures, it can be stated that performance business advisor includes the following steps:

  • The call centre employed 250 permanent full-time agents, 60 permanent part-time agents. In engaged schedule of pre Christmas, they appointed 200 temporary agents.
  • The Centre also relied on permanent staff to maintain standards in informal and largely unstructured way to mentor temporary staff (Buckingham and Goodall, 2015).
  • Rates of pay on average basis also compared in similar jobs.
  • All staff members are recruited at flat rate so that there is no provision for relating pay services.
  • Appropriate outline for job description for agents made to produce specification of competencies and personal characteristics that suited for work.
  • Interviewing process is also crude and superficial to say least (Cappelli and Tavis, 2016).
  • New agents also given half day training by a team leader to sat experienced agent for two days before starting job.
  • Attempts also made to encourage temporary agents to return without great deal of success.
  • Permanent agents recruited on the basis of three years experience or temporary agents who had returned three consecutive years that create significant performance at higher level of results.
  • Labour turnover figures for permanent staff left first year 40%, 25% for second year and 15% for third year.
  • Agents were employed on same job continuously so that there was no job rotation (Rees and Smith, 2017).
  • Agents are also able to conducted interviews by HR business partner which indicated that stress and tiredness were probably major contributors.
  • Due to poor and inadequate leadership, it can be stated that managers need to focus on leaders quality to perform significant advantages at workplace. As a result, it shows probably major contributory factors (Antoni, Baeten and Vartiainen, 2015).
  • Partners from conversations also assists to maintain quality of leadership that was inadequate which make adequate to deal with leadership contracts. All performance management goals can be successfully develop to focus on labour turnover suggested that amounted nearly staff leaver. Recruiting and training costs will be measure to focus on appropriate functions.
  • Adequate quality of leadership also assists to focus on team leaders that helps to focus on targets and effectiveness that ascertained to perform several effective functioning. It shows managers and team leaders goals to develop creativity (Arulrajah, Opatha and Nawaratne, 2015).

In order to recommend appropriate solution for poor leadership, it can be stated that following practical and effective strategies work for challenges that face by White Knight:

  • Develop personal leadership style: In order to develop significant advantages, it can be stated that poor leadership create negative impact on results and outcomes of White Knight. In this regard, it can be stated that leaders requires to personally develop their style that assists to know how to be effective leader. Spend learning time also helps to consider appropriate findings with good leadership program at workplace (Liang and Langbein, 2015).
  • Learn from experience: Furthermore, in White Knight poor customer satisfaction problem also solved with implementing think strategically. Therefore, they are able to gain experience as per need. Lead with challenging projects can also gives solution for unusual issues and problems. Furthermore, practices consider with observing situations from different prospectives to learn everything (Zheng, Hung and Xu, 2016).
  • Compelling vision: Leaders also need to focus on compelling vision with having vision and knowing people those are aligned to check and keep things in appropriate manner. If particular group perceived to bring people with keep appropriate things, they can easily accomplish desired results (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015).
  • Polish people skills: Great leaders also perceive great personal skills so that they are caring for several people easily. As a leader, they need to look upon listen quietly and hear people what they really saying. With asking several questions, they can easily being open to truth (Zheng, Hung and Xu, 2016). When challenges occurs, it is essential to look upon and show care.
  • Motivate each member in a team: leaders are also required to focus on motivating their team members so that it assists to focus on effective results and outcomes. In this consideration, it can be stated that if people working to attain goals, they need to learn into motivation which gives energy and passion. As a result, it helps to inspire at difficult time easily (Buckingham and Goodall, 2015).
  • Keep people informed: When time get tough, it is important to always tempting to hide. It is the worst thing that can be performed. Stay visible and people informed must be shows appropriate functioning so that people never feel excluded from progress or from other issues (Shields, Brown and Plimmer, 2015). Moreover, it can be stated that appropriate functioning can be successfully develop to prepared them to help others.
  • Inspire others: Inspiration is empowering so that when people inspire sense of purpose can be accomplish easily (Zheng, Hung and Xu, 2016). In White Knight, people easily empower them to be more effective and productive. With respect to inspire others, leaders are able to communicate effective performance management with reward system. It will easily help to increase significant advantages at workplace.


From the present study, it can be stated that performance management and reward assists to focus on appropriate working in a particular business. With this regard, present study consider discussion on problems and issues that face by White Knight and diagnose of the problem that must be measure in systematic manner. Provide ongoing training to staff members consider in the chosen business so that effectiveness will be successfully develop at workplace. Furthermore, it concluded about process and procedure that undertaken that assists to develop performance business advisor which recommend communicating effective functioning. At last, recommendation explained that assists to focus on empowering people with effective communication tool.


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