Essays on Perseverance

I Believe In Perseverance

I believe perseverance is the most important value, because determination at working hard regardless of the obstacles you must face, is key to a successful life. Life is not just a straight and narrow path, there will be hurdles to overcome, but how you decide to face your hurdle will be the stepping stones onto...
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Perseverance And Adaptability Through Hardship

I heard the blender turn on for the 6th morning in a row: I look at the clock: 5:15 A.M. My parents have always been early risers along with my grandparents, and, from what I assume, their parents as well. As a young child, I thought waking early was just part of being a parent....
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Courage & Perseverance

True courage comes with perseverance Google stated: “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.” The reasons for perseverance are the outcome, dedication, and motivation. Perseverance is basically finishing something that you started even when you are going through hard times. Dedication is being committed to a purpose, a goal or...
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