Essays on Personal Experience

Promoting Self-awareness in Everybody's Life: Personal Experience Essay

Self-awareness is understanding their behavior and knowing his/her unique quality which enables them to work efficiently by weighing their abilities to perform the task impeccably. Self-awareness is the capacity to know about one’s considerations, sentiments, and mental states (Keenan et al., 2003) (Barnacz, Johnson, Constantino, and Keenan, 2004). Self-awareness is the most important factor to...

Role of My Personal Working Experience in My Life: Opinion Essay

Throughout all fields of a community both immediate and long-term positive healthcare impacts can be brought about by such a purposeful and versatile vocation, What I love most, however, is the cohesion of a scientific focus with a philanthropic heart; ultimately drawing me to pursue a career in it. I was fortunate enough to gain...
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Application of Personal Experience in Art Therapy

Introduction Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses art as it’s primary technique for expression and communication in order to improve the emotional and mental well being of its patients. It combines different areas of human development and visual art such as drawing, sculpture painting and other artistic processes alongside counselling and psychotherapy....
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