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Personal success is considered as the triumph that each person achieves in their daily lives. The objectives and goals only serve as motivations that depend on the interests, values and principles of each individual. The path to success depends on a series of attitudes and strategies that the individual assumes and has built through his personal story, marking the way he faces each challenge of life. I define success as living my true purpose and having a positive impact on people’s lives. There are three strategies that I will implement in my life that will help me obtain my goals: Accept personal responsibility, time management and self-awareness.

The first success strategy I plan on using is to accept personal responsibility. Responsibility is one of the strongest values and pillars of success. When we take responsibility for our own life, self-deception is no longer useful. Many of us have fall many times in self-deception. The responsibility of our life is ours alone. No one and nothing will make us happy, except ourselves. We have the potential to radically change our lives, and finally live that dream life we want. But how comfortable it is to leave the responsibility of our happiness to another person. Although it’s comfortable, it will never work. Self-indulgence or victimhood are no excuse. There are many people who, in worse condition than many of us have learned to be happy with their problems and physical or mental limitations.

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My second strategy for success would be time management. When it comes to time management, it is common to hear that ‘time is money.’ But it is not just a matter of money, it is also important to invest in sharing with family and friends, in enjoying your hobbies, and doing all this without pressure. When time is not managed effectively, we end up doing a lot and nothing at the same time, we get carried away by the things that are emerging at the moment and we are leaving the really urgent and important aside. To be better at time management I will Separate a time for personal activities. (Rest, fun, etc. and family and social activities). If I am not well, I cannot succeed in what I do or enjoy it. I will also learn to concentrate and devote my attention to what I am doing. I can’t let my thoughts ‘fly’ to other pending things or get distracted by remembering past problems or worrying about the future, it is a great waste of time. I will remember this words: ‘You cannot change the past, but you can ruin your present by worrying about the future’ (Anonymous).

The third success strategy is to gain self-awareness. Self-awareness is when we recognize our personality, our strengths and weaknesses, our tastes and what we don’t like. If I want to reveal my inner happiness I must know and understand who I am and what distinguishes me. Developing self-awareness may be useful to know when I am stressed or under pressure. It is essential to communicate effectively and have good interpersonal relationships. It is also of great importance to develop empathy for others. As we grow in self-awareness, we will better understand why we feel and behave in a certain way. That understanding will give us the opportunity and freedom to change the areas we would like to change in ourselves and create the life we want. It is impossible to achieve self-acceptance and make changes if we do not know in depth who we are.

So after many years of vainly waiting for someone to do something for my happiness, after many years of being tired, after many years of claiming justice and asking for opportunities from the comfort of my favorite armchair in front of the TV and finding excuses, I have arrived in front of the greatest of all paradigms on happiness and success: One hundred percent of the responsibility for my success lies in myself. We must look inward and not outward, in the search for responsibility, and for the answers to the problems or circumstances we may be facing. In this era of intensified information, the power is not in possessing knowledge, but in taking immediate action, accepting total responsibility for my happiness and for the realization of my dreams.


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