Personality Development And Importance Of Education In Life

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We all know that the importance of education in life is immense. Not only it affects in earning good living, but there are various other aspects that are affected by education in life.

How far education is helpful in personality development? Is personality development is part of education? Why it is said personality development is essential? How far it is agreed that personality developments play a role in a good career foundation?

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An individual differs from another in various aspects. Ways of behaving, reacting differently to same things and emotions, looking at the world, possessing different thoughts and ways of living love and life, etc.

The childhood memories and the growing age experiences form an individual’s personality. The ways in which an individual is raised matters a lot to develop personality.

Educational institutes are putting immense effort to add the lessons of personality development in the students through various ways. It works on different personality development tips to enhance the personality in students. The CBSE schools in Amravati, Maharashtra reveals the effects of personality development in achieving the good results.

What is personality development and its effect?

It can be defined as a process of gaining confidence and high self-esteem. It results in developing a positive attitude in an individual.

It is nothing more than an aggregate collection of memories and incidents throughout life span. Various factors like family background, surroundings, situations and circumstances, etc. contribute to an individual’s personality.

The family background and the childhood upbringing play a crucial role in developing personality. It is observed that an individual with a disturbed childhood takes time to open with others. A kind of fear resides in him/her that blocks him/her to get free with others. Similarly, the child with no major problems is seen extrovert and never gets issues for interacting and socializing with others.

The kids those are disallowed in the childhood and teenage to go out frequently and munch with friends tend to believe that their world is limited to house and family members. These people take enough time to get free with others.

Personality is a sum of characteristics of an individual which differ him/her from others.

Determinants of personality

There are various factors which affects one’s personality.

• Environment

The surrounding of an individual during his/her growing age determines his/her personality. The culture and the family background in which an individual is subjected also frame the part of his/her personality.

• Circumstances

The circumstances keep changing in life. It also affects an individual’s personality. This can be understood well from an example of an individual that sounds good with bank deposits and an individual that is loaded with loans or bankrupt.

• Hereditary

It also somewhat plays a role in personality development. The confidence in an individual is also depends on physic, complexion, attractiveness, body type, which are related and depend on parent’s biological make-up.


An individual’s style, attractiveness, intelligence, character, physical appearance, and looks all determine his/her personality. These all factors can be altering to some extent with the presence of education in life.



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